Canadian Necrology


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Sources Cited in the Canadian Obituaries Records

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See The Gazette (Montreal).

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Also available online.

Publication began/ended: Oct. 7, 1880- .
Select issues also available online.

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Also available online.

William Henry Pearson's Manuscript

Pearson, W. H. Dates of Decease of Those Who Were My Friends, or With Whom I Was Slightly Acquainted [manuscript]. Toronto: 1853-1920.
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto.

Sources Cited by William Stewart Wallace

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Pub. began/ended: 1901-1937-38. Each issue includes a Canadian obituary record.

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Newspapers Cited by William Stewart Wallace

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"Devoted to the interests of the Church of England in the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada."

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Not held at the University of Toronto Library.
Publication began/ended January 15, 1833 - ceased in 1840.

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Montreal Gazette
See The Gazette (Montreal).

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Other Sources Cited by William Stewart Wallace

Bowmanville Cemetary.

Niagara Burials. Ontario Historical Society.