Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Thurston, Mr. John J. Male 1960
Bowman, Louise Morey Female Poet 1944
Townsley, Mr. B. F. Male 1939
Davis, Mrs. Ada L. Female Arnold J. Davis 1955
DeGrassi, Mr. Philip Male
Payne, Miss. Lilian J. Female 1949
Williams, Mr. Henry George Male 1943
Dewdney, Rt. Rev. A. D. A. Male 1945
Barker, Mr. Edward John Male 1884
Burdell, Mr. S. B. Male M. P. 1892
Fallis, Mr. Percy B. Male 1947
Fyvie, Mr. Johnston M. Male 1956
Roberts, Mr. Charles Percy Male 1955
Bellopp, Hon. C. Male 1827
Young, Mr. George Sill Male 1956
Malcolm, Hon. James Male 1935
Rolph, Mr. Frank A. Male 1941
Russell, Mr. Harold James Male 1959
Macdonald, Mrs. Theresa Kate Female D. Bruce Macdonald 1937
Smith, Mr. Arnold N. Male 1957
Grant, Mr. Francis Male 1842
Bertram, Mr. George Murray Male 1953
Might, Mrs. E. Adelaide E. Female Kenneth G Might 1955
Seal, Mrs. Lela Beatrice Female J. Forister Seal 1946
Coombs, Prof. Frederick E. Male 1939
Shaw, Mr. Cecil M. Male 1953
Angle, Brig. H. H. Male 1950
Hill, Florence Female 1961
Bowen, Mr. J. C. Male 1957
Torrance, Miss. Marjorie Female Physiotherapist 1966
Hodgkinson, Dr. C. H. Male 1961
Tucker, Mrs. Helen Ethel Female Edward J. Tucker 1959
Baker, George Male 1851
Myers, Mrs. Mae Ethel Female A. J. William Myers 1948
Wilson, Mr. Archibald Edward Male 1947
Emmett, Mrs. Lottie J. Female George Emmett 1945
Barton, Dr. James Warren Male 1957
Lees, Hon. John Male Store-keeper general for the Indian Department 1807
Pratt, Mr. John George Male 1958
Robinson, Hon. Jonathan Male 1948
Feinberg, Mr. Joseph Male 1958
Finlay, Miss. Elizabeth Female
Cassin, Father Stanley Male 1947
Whitney, Miss. Norah Female 1947
Fleming, Mr. William J. Male 1957
Laing, Prof. Albert Thomas Male 1941
Loscombe, Mrs. Female 1854 Cholera
Reid, Rev. Dr. J. Ewing Male 1947
Fraser, Mr. Alexander Male
Clarke, Mr. Fred Male 1955