Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Trenouth, Mr. Ron Male 1957
Duguay, Mr. Romeo Male 1965
Papineau, Mr. L. J. Male 1946
Curtis, Audrey E. Female 1945
Lang, Mr. Alexander Matheson Male 1948
Nelles, Mr. Robert Male
Thisdel, Mr. Louis-Joseph Male 1943
Noble, Mrs. Helen Margaret Female William O. Noble 1958
Peters, Mr. George W. Male 1953
Rigg, Mr. J. Harry Male 1955
Leslie, Mr. Edward Male Bookseller and publisher 1828
Bloom, Mrs. Ann Marie Female Herbert Henry Bloom 1955
FitzGerald, Mr. John G. Male 1958
Rose, Mr. Fred W. Male 1947
Hammer, Mr. Fred Male 1947
Slicer, Mr. Samuel Male Firm of (Ferguson?) & Slicer (Montreal?) 1842
Macfie, Mr. Archie William Male 1945
Campeau, Mr. Etienne Male 1795
Scott, Hon. Thomas Male 1824
Selby, Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth Female David L. Selby 1946
Spenceley, Prof. James Albert Male 1953
Bryce, Very Rev. Peter Male 1950
McGuire, Mrs. Anna Female W. H. McGuire 1954
Heward, Col. Stephen Male Auditor-General of land patents, etc. 1828
McKerroll, Mrs. Mary Catherine Female D. T. L. McKerroll 1949
Moore, Mr. Aubrey John Male 1952
Christopher, Mr. Edward Male 1952
Clarke, Mr. Robert J. Male 1951
Palmateer, Mrs. Mary Davidson Female Charles William Palmateer 1952
Archambault, Mr. Louis A. Male 1956
Ashbridge, Mr. Wellington Thomas Male 1943
Needham, Mrs. Janet Female George Needham 1939
Cook, Mrs. Female Norman E. Cook 1958
Hunter, Rev. Dr. Robert John Male 1950
Walsh, Miss. Harriet Female 1955
Kensit, Mrs. Mildred Female H. E. M. Kensit 1954
Baldwin, Mrs. Lillian Jessie Female Benjamin B. Baldwin 1946
Wood, Mr. David Adamson Male 1952
Kirby, Mrs. Kevin L. Female 1960
Price, Mr. William Arthur Male 1957
Wheeler, Mr. Robert Male 1952
Fisher, Mr. Frank Edgar Male 1957
Lovell, Mrs. Gladys Maud Female R. J. Lovell
Fothergill, Mr. Charles Male
Matheson, Dr. John James Male 1946
Skinner, Miss. May Hurd Female 1954
Macdonnell, Mrs. Agnes Ewart Female Norman S. Macdonnell 1947
McCabe, Mr. Thomas E. Male 1946
Brown, Mr. George H. Male 1954
MacNames, Mr. Nelson L. Male 1956