Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname)sort ascending Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Pearson, Mr. Lester Bowles: Lester B. Pearson [serving with the Canadian Army Medical Corps 1916]
Grey Owl, : Grey Owl [(Archibald Stansfield Belaney), ca 1925 - 1935]
Leacock, Mr. Stephen : Stephen Leacock
Murphy, Judge Emily : Emily Murphy [Photograph from the Emily Ferguson Murphy fonds.]
Inman, Mr. Kesterman J.
Pearson, Mr. Lester Bowles: Prime Minister of Canada Lester B. Pearson [in front of the France Pavilion at Expo 67]
Pitt, Mr. James
Murphy, Judge Emily : Emily Murphy [Statue by Barbara Patterson, Parliament Hill, Ottawa]
Pearson, Mr. Lester Bowles: The Hon. Lester B. Pearson [1958]
Meighen, Mr. Arthur : Arthur Meighen [M.P. (Portage la Prairie), March 1912]
Storm, Mr. Thomas
Lytle, Mrs. Lizzie
Jolleffe, Mr. J. Male 1898 72 Pneumonia
Alexander, Mr. Hugh
Brewer, Mr. George R.
Marston, Mrs.
Leeming, Mr. Jane Male 1955 89
Jarvis, Col. R. E. C.
Macdonald, Mrs. L. M.: Lucy Maud Montgomery [author of "Anne of Green Gables", ca 1920 –1930]
Bacon, Miss. Mary
Fraser, Hon. Alexander Male 1853
Gough, Mr. John B.
Innis, Mr. Harold Adams Male 1952 58
Bethune, Mr. Norman : Norman Bethune [1928]
Macphail, Miss. Agnes : Agnes MacPhail [15 May 1934]
Innis, Mr. Harold Adams: H.A. Innis [Associate Professor of Economic Geography, University of Toronto]
Bourassa, Mr. Henri : Henri Bourassa [Portrait of Henri Bourassa in July 1917 as it appeared on a mortuary card in 1952]
Bethune, Mr. Norman : Norman Bethune [graduation photo, ca 1922]
Macphail, Miss. Agnes : Agnes MacPhail, M.P.
Willoughby, Rev. W. R.
Allen, Rev. James
Bethune, Mr. Norman : Norman Bethune [Sick in Bed, a watercolour self-portrait, 1935]
Gowan, Mr. Nassau C.
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Morgan, Mr. Peter
Desjardins, Mr. Male 1827
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Dixon, Mr. John
Fleming, Mr. Oscar Ernest Male 1944 83
LaVoie, Omer Male 1946 66
Longboat, Mr. Tom : Tom Longboat [22 April 1907]
DeBlaquiere, Hon. P. B.
Bowes, Mr. John G.
Kinzinger, Mr. Jacob
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Evans, Mrs. Mary J.
Varley, Mr. Frederick Horsman: Frederick Horsman Varley [probably at the Vancouver School of Decorative & Applied Arts, ca 1927]