Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname)sort descending Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Woollard, Mr. Maynard Male Assistant to NDP party leader Laura Woollard 1968 53 Heart Attack
Woollatt, Dr. R. Sidney Male University dentistry instructor Grace Woollatt 1972 87
Woollatt, Mrs. Susanne Female Reginald M. Woollatt 1952
Wooller, Mr. Reginald Male Staff inspector of Toronto Police Marguerite Wooller 1963 55 Heart attack
Woolley, Mr. LeRoy Edward Male Manager Emily Woolley 1946 54
Woolley, Mr. Philip S. Male Amelia Woolley 1954 82
Woolnough, Mr. Jerome Jeffrey Male Head of alcoholic rehabilitation institution Myra Woolnough 1952 66
Wootten, Mr. Francis Male Rhoda Wootten 1952 76
Worden, Mr. Raynold Seager Male Manager Eleanor Worden 1955 51 Heart attack
Workman, Mr. James G. Male Educationist Maud Workman 1958 79
Worrall, Mrs. Aileen Female Former barrister James Worrall 1959
Worth, Mrs. Mary P. Female B. Worth 1875 60 Erysipelas
Worthington, Maj.-Gen. Frederic Franklin Male General Clara Worthington 1967 77
Worthington, Major Allan Niven Male Norma Nugent Wothington 1942 51
Wreyford, Mr. John Charles Male Jean Wreyford 1957 69
Wright, Prof. C. H. C. Male Professor of architecture Helen I. M. Turnbull Wright 1944 79
Wright, Mr. David Thomas Male Teacher and school principal Ina Wright 1958 89
Wright, Rev. C. Melville Male Clergyman Agnes Pearl Wright 1946
Wright, Mr. Donald Draper Male Insurance agency head Merle Alice Wright 1955 57 Heart attack
Wright, Rev. Henry Alfred Male Retired rector Florence L. Wright 1956 80
Wright, Mr. George Edmund K. Male Contractor Margaret A. Wright 1957 77
Wright, Mr. George Henry Male Muriel Wright 1952 76
Wright, Mr. Gerald Male Chief inspector of prisons Nan Wright 1963 50
Wright, Mr. H. Gordon Male Former commanding officer Helen Wright 1965 69
Wright, Mr. Henry Gibson Male Businessman Agnes Wright 1947 74
Wright, Mr. James Albert Male Retired RCMP superintendent Adfreda May Wright 1957 68
Wright, Col. J. G. Male Army commander Wright 1950 73
Wright, Dean Cecil Augustus Male Scholar and teacher Marie Wright 1967 62
Wright, Dr. Arthur Baldwin Male Surgeon Nellie Allen Wright 1952 72
Wright, Dr. C. Stewart Male Doctor Meta Rankin Wright 1952 69 Heart attack
Wright, Mrs. Female Thomas Wright 1859 47 Partly effects of a fall
Wright, Mrs. Catherine M. Female Frank Wright 1962 64
Wright, Mrs. Emma I. M. Female W. H. Wright 1946
Wright, Mayor George Clark Male Mayor of Kingston Ethel Wright 1956 71 Heart ailment
Wright, Mrs. Helen Lily Female C. H. C. Wright 1956 94
Wright, Mrs. Helen Maude Female William Franklin Wright 1955 84
Wrong, Mrs. Elizabeth Female G. M. Wrong 1960 75
Wyllie, Mrs. Female George Wyllie 1899 81 Pneumonia
Yeamans, Mrs. Female David Yeamans 1953 99
Yeigh, Mrs. Annie Louise Female Frank Yeigh 1960 81
Young, Mrs. Margaret Female John Young 1894 68
Young, Mrs. Female Christopher Young 1966 41
Young, Mrs. Charlotte Elizabeth Female James W. Young 1959 89
Young, Mrs. Ethel Georgina Female William E. Young 1946
Young, Mrs. Eva Female George Young 1955 85
Young, Mrs. Florence Elizabeth Female Christopher Young 1966 41
Young, Mrs. Greta Female Elmore N. Young 1952 47
Young, Mrs. M. A. Female George Young 1901 75
Zimmerman, Mrs. Alice Ada Female W. Zimmerman 1958 64