Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Deathsort ascending Age at Death Cause of Death
Auldjo, Everetta Female
McKenzie, Mr. Samuel Male
DeGrassi, Mr. Alexander William James Male
Marsh, Mr. Thomas William Male Clergyman
Might, Mr. Percy Male 89
Torrance, Miss. Marjorie Female Physiotherapist
Dooner, Mr. Alfred James Male
Gordon, Mr. James Male
Walker, Mr. Hiram Male
Cayley, Mrs. Agnes Female A. D. Cayley
DeGrassi, Mr. Philip Male
Collie, Ruth Female
Gillespie, Sir Robert Male
Fraser, Mr. Alexander Male
Trottier, Mr. A. H. C. Male 77
Wilkins, Mr. James Egerton Male
Bellamy, Patricia Female Librarian
Wilcox, Mr. Edward Milton Male 81
Matthew, Mr. Charles Male
Crooks, Mr. William Male Formerly M. P. P.,
Torrance, Mr. Male
Finlay, Miss. Elizabeth Female
Fraser, Mr. Alexander Male
O'Reilly, Mr. Hamilton Male Barrister
Leapard, Mr. Tom A. Male 65
Rulhoin, Mr. James Hamilton Male
Boulton, Mr. Edward Male
Auldjo, Mr. Thomas Richardson Male Unknown
Cockshutt, Mr. C. Gordon Male 73
Cameron, Mr. Duncan N. W. Male
Smith, Mrs. Female Joshua Smith
Cochran, Mr. Robert Alexander Male
Fuller, Mrs. Mabel K. Female W. H. Fuller
Kettlewell, Margaret Beatrice Female
Magrath, Rev. James Male
Gross, Mrs. Lillian Maud Female George Ernest Gross 76
Bongard, Mr. Robert Ross Male 86
Snell, Dr. John F. Male
Jordan, Mr. John Male Assistant surveyor of the customs 64
Wood, Miss. Elizabeth Wyn Female
McGinnis, Miss. Mary Female
Heron, Frances Female
Bethune, Mr. Donald Male
Swayze, Mr. Isaac Male Formerly Member of Parliament
Martin, Mrs. Mabel Female Charles F. Martin
Corbett, Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd Female W. T. Corbett
Cowan, Mr. James M. Male 1956
Cliff, Mr. Jack Cooper Male 52
Wilson, Mrs. Harriet J. Female 93
McGuigan, Miss. Gertrude Female