Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Deathsort ascending Age at Death Cause of Death
Watson, Dr. Male
Tow, Brig. Donald K. Male 60
Massey, Mr. Vincent Male 80
Connor, Mr. Ralph Male
Woods, Mr. William M. Male
Boyle, Col. J. W. Male Soldier of [?]
Moffatt, Mr. Kenneth McKenzie Male
Dale, Mr. William A. Male 41
Boucher, Mr. George Male 65
Kent, Mrs. M. Lucy Female Thomas Palmer Kent
Macdougall, Mr. James Male
Drury, Mr. E. C. Male 90
Dunlop, Mrs. Beulah Female Frank M. Dunlop
Fraser, Hon. John Male 91
Shipway, Mr. Charles R. Male 45
Wells, Mr. Arthur Male Georgina Wells
Grant, Mrs. Female Charles Grant
McKenzie, Mr. Hector Male
Ellice, Mr. Edward Male
Fraser, Mr. Joseph Male
Fraser, Isabella Victoria Female
Hennessy, Nina Female
Ramsay, Mr. Hew Male
Porter, Chief Justice Dana Harris Male Chief justice of Ontario 66
Ellins, Lt.-Col. H. F. Male 70
Furlong, Lt.-Col. Male
Kinross, Mr. C. J. Male 62
Ketchum, Mr. Jesse Male 85
Roach, Mr. Guy R. Male
Forsyth, Mr. William Male
Black, Mr. Samuel Male
Coventry, Mr. George Male 77
Brooks, Mr. Alfred J. Male 77
Walker, Mr. Graham Male
Ruthven, Mr. James Male
Ross, Mr. Simon Male
Richmond, Mr. Andrew R. B. Male 76
Hudspeth, Mr. Thomas A. Male
Fraser, Mr. Richard D. Male
Dumsday, Mrs. Anne Female William H. Dumsday 49
Walker, Mrs. Fred W. Female 33
Bannerman, Mr. James Male
Coates, Mr. William J. Male
M, Mr. Male
Fraser, Mr. Simon Male
Sibbald, Mr. William Male
Walker, Mr. Harry Lorne Male
Tedeschini, Cardinal Federico Male 86
Coates, Mrs. Female William Coates
m, Mr. Male