Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname)sort descending Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Toner, Mrs. Marie-Louise Wyndham Female John A. Wyndham Toner
Toner, Mrs. Marie-Louise Wyndham Female Fashion news writer John A. Wyndham Toner 1959
Toner, Mrs. Marie-Louise Wyndham Female Former fashion news writer John A. Wyndham Toner 1959
Topping, Mr. Charles Frederick Male Former president of the Stockyards. Ann Walker Topping 1945
Fraser, Mrs. Jane Gordon Female James Torrance 1870 41
Torrie, Rev. Alexander Male Baptist minister Dovie Torrie 1947 72
Tory, Mrs. Abigail Female John A. Tory 1961 86
Townley, Rev. Adam Male Elizabeth Townley 1843
Toye, Mrs. Rebecca W. Female George B. Toye 1953 82
Trapnell, Mrs. Female Albert H. Trapnell 1955
Treble, Mrs. Mary Female J. M. Treble 1887 41 Bright's disease
Trickey, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Female Warren W. Trickey 1947 94
Trimble, Mrs. Beatrice Mary Male J. Duncan Trimble 1947
Trounce, Mrs. Ida Jane Female John Walter Trounce 1955
Trumbell, Mrs. Anna Ella Female J. E. Trumbell 1956
Tucker, Mrs. Helen Ethel Female Edward J. Tucker 1959
Tugwell, Mr. Harry C. Male Annie Tugwell 1952 89
Tugwell, Mrs. Annie Female Harry C. Tugwell 1956
Tupling, Mrs. Jessie Female E. Tupling 1959 78
Turnbull, Mr. John Male Former president of Consolidated Bakeries Limited. Sarah Bickell Turnbull 1942 73
Turnbull, Mr. Wilfred E. Male Meteorologist Margaret Dineen Turnbull 1964 54
Turnbull, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Clark Female James Howard Turnbull 1956
Turnbull, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Clark Female James Howard Turnbull 1956
Turnbull, Mrs. Ellen Female William Turnbull 1956 71
Turnbull, Mrs. Sarah A. Female John Turnbull 1957
Turner, Mrs. Oda Welden Female Nurse Robert McPherson Turner 1954 68
Turner, Mrs. Wilhelmina Female Sydney Turner 1955 81
Turner, Dr. Robert McPherson Male Doctor Oda E. Weldon Turner 1947 66
Turner, Mr. Frederick Russel Male Vice-president and general manager of Ladies Wear of Canada Ltd. Fernlee Turner 1957 72
Turner, Mr. Herman Crawford Male Olga Turner 1961
Turner, Mr. Stanley F. Male Artist Barbe Jean Turner 1953 69 Coronary thrombosis
Turpin, Mrs. Isabella Female John H. Turpin 1946 94
Tushingham, Mrs. Ellen Female Thomas Tushingham 1911 75
Tutte, Lt.-Col. Henry Charles Male Edith Wiley Tutte 1950 69
Tuttle, Rev. Dr. Aubrey S. Male Ex-moderator of the United Church. Mary Anna Tuttle 1949 75
Tutty, Mrs. Jane Sherington Female Frederick Tutty 1957 101
Tweedsmuir, 1st Baron John Male Governor-General of Canada. Tweedsmuir 1940 64
Tweedy, Mr. Robert Andrew Male Senior advertising executive of The Globe and Mail Berta Tweedy 1962 50 Heart attack
Twible, Dr. William Meredith Male Dentist Wilma Twible 1959 47
Twible, Mr. William John Male Company general manager Evelyn Dorothy Twible 1958 75
Twiss, Dr. Robert Irwin Male Veterinary surgeon Helen Twiss 1964 53
Tylee, Air Commodore Arthur Kellam Male Emile Tylee 1961 73
Tyner, Mr. Henry Reginald Male Ex-banker Marjorie Tyner 1965 71 Car accident
Tyrrell, Mr. Garrett Male Accountant Ruth Tyrrell 1958 70
Tyrrell, Mr. Herbert Victor Male Vice-president and general manager of MacLean Publishing Co. Jean Young Tyrrell 1942 69 Heart attack
Tyrrell, Mr. William Male Businessman Margaret Jane Tyrrell 1945 79
Tyrrell, Mrs. Jean Young Female Former vice-president of MacLean-Hunter Publishing Co. Herbert Victor Tyrrell 1958
Tyrrell, Mrs. Mary Edith Female J. B. Tyrrell 1945 75
Tyrwhitt, Mr. Raymond Male Margaret Tyrwhitt 1947 Injuries received from a motorcycle accident.
Tyson, Capt. Jack Male Freighter captain Muriel Tyson 1952 52 Heart attack