Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Renner, Dr. William Scott Male 1934
Macdonald, Mrs. L. M. Female Ewan Macdonald 1942
McKee, Miss. Jennette Gladys Female 1958
Sibbald, Mr. William Male
Tornroos, Mr. Eric Male Engineer and naval architect 1957
Childs, Mr. George G. Male 1957
Clark, Mr. Malcolm Neil Male 1944
Kay, Mr. Alen Male 1786
Wallace, Mr. George D. Male 1954
Wilson, Mr. Albert Dyer Male 1952
Gillies, Mr. Duncan B. Male 1958
Ogle, Mrs. Belle C. Female David C. Ogle 1946
Roach, Mr. Richard Male Hotel keeper, late collector 1863
Robinson, Dr. Percy James Male 1953
Magner, Dr. William Male 1952
Bourke, Mr. J. J. Male 1955
Markle, Mr. J. Hiram Male 1953
Fallis, Mr. Percy B. Male 1947
Lynch, Mrs. Charles V. Female 1961
Smeltzer, Mrs. Isobel A. Female George F. Smeltzer 1952
Smith, Mr. Robert Male Editor and proprietor of "The Hastings Times" 1833
McIntyre, Rev. Dugald Male 1950
Stillwell, Rev. Dr. H. E. Male 1945
McMillan, Sir Daniel Male 1933
Stratton, Mr. D. P. Male 1955
Holmes, Mr. William Hugh Male 1962
Clawson, Mr. William H. Male 1971
Taylor, Mr. Clifford A. Male 1957
Kallmeyer, Minnie Female 1947
Langan, Mrs. Female Patrick Langan 1847
Pearson, Mr. William Henry Male 1920
Walker, Mrs. Kathleen Female 1955
Kelly, Mr. Marshall F. Male 1946
Norman, Dr. Thomson Hugh Male 1952
Pettit, Mr. Godfrey Stanley Male 1954
Gilkinson, Mrs. Female Thomas H. Gilkinson 1952
Black, Mr. Redmond Delamere Male 1946
Body, Constance Maud Mary Female 1955
Poupore, Mrs. Female A. G. Poupore 1962
Wells, Mr. George H. Male 1962
Proctor, Mr. J. Ernest Male 1959
Emmett, Mrs. Lottie J. Female George Emmett 1945
LaDell, Mariette Female 1947
Ramsay, Mr. Laughlan Male 1946
Rosenback, Mr. Albert C. Male 1957
Gray, Mr. Joseph Everard Male 1957
Reid, Dr. Minerva E. Female Doctor 1957
Macdonald, Miss. Helen S. Female 1942
MacGregor, Mrs. Alice A. Female MacGregor 1958
McCulloch, Mr. William George Male 1946