Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Keith, Mr. Leslie Malcolm Male 1960
Wilson, Mr. William Male Cashier, Bank of Montreal 1853
Wright, Mr. Alonzo Male 1894
Breslin, Dr. Louis Judah Male 1952
Givins, Col. James Male Late Superintendent of Indian Affairs 1846
Rough, Miss. Susie Parker Female 1953
Brown, Mr. William Easson Male 1957
Smith, Mrs. Sarah Jane Female 1946
Burn, Mr. William Scott Male Author and secretary of the County of York Building Society 1851
Gunn, Miss. Jean Isabel Female 1941
Shearer, Mr. Harry Foster Male 1946
Crotty, Mr. T. Gordon Male 1956
McKenzie, Mr. Samuel Male
Mooney, Mr. George Male 1968
Stewart, Mr. Alexander Male 1842
Jackson, Mr. Roy C. Male 1958
Townsend, Mr. William J. L. Male 1956
Paget, Miss. Clara May Female 1944
Murphy, Mr. H. A.L. Male 1962
Taglialatela, Dr. Alfredo Male 1949
DeGrassi, Mr. Alexander William James Male
Payne, Lt.-Col. Liege Harry Clifford Male 1958
Hunter, Mr. Jim Male 1949
Agnew, Mr. John Lyons Male Vice-President 1931
Phipps, Miss. Beatrice Female 1958
Blyth, Mr. Thomas Male 1947
Andrewes, Mrs. Gertrude Mary Female Cyril Andrewes 1955
Fisher, Dr. Peter Male 1958
Gilray, Mr. Stuart A. Male 1956
Marsh, Mr. Thomas William Male Clergyman
Banks, Elsie Greenhow Female 1956
Macdonald, Mrs. Olivia Female Brian Macdonald 1959
Guay, Mrs. Female Edward Guay 1965
Torrance, Miss. Marjorie Female Physiotherapist
Dame, Capt. Alexander Edward Male 1943
Moser, Mr. William Franklin Male 1946
Stuart, Miss. Jane Jacques Female Principal of former Glen Mawr Girls' School 1946
Johnson, Mr. Lonnie Male 1970
Myers, Mr. Arthur O. Male 1946
Patterson, Mrs. Jean Female W. B. Patterson 1945
Birks, Mrs. Margaret Female Gerald Birks 1959
Lawrence, Mr. Edwin Rogerson Male 1946
Dooner, Mr. Alfred James Male
Leeming, Rev. William Male Rector of Chippewa 1863
Bowlen, Mr. Patrick Dennis Male 1946
Little, Mrs. Hattie Female Robert Little 1952
Whitman, Rev. C. L. Male 1953
Markowitz, Dr. Cecile Male 1940
Mason, Mr. Arthur A. Male 1959
Rudolf, Dr. Robert Dawson Male 1941