Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Wright, Rev. C. Melville Male Clergyman Agnes Pearl Wright 1946
Bellopp, Hon. C. Male 1827
Gemmel, Mr. Robert Male 1954
Lundy, Mr. Francis James Male Rector, St. Andrews' Church 1868
Reid, Mr. Edgar Burkitt Male 1958
Frankish, Dr. Edgar R. Male 1941
MacDonald, Mr. Archibald J. Male 1959
Hancock, Mr. Herbert Male 1955
Mawhinney, Mrs. Ruby Jean Female W. W. Mawhinney 1956
McCaul, Mrs. Female Reginald M. McCaul 1957
Snell, Dr. John F. Male
Griffin, Mr. E. Jervis F. Male Winnifred Peacock 1948
Heakes, Lt.-Col. Samuel Rigby Male 1946
McFall, Dr. William Alexander Male 1951
Anglin, Dr. George Chambers Male 1948
Panphylon, Evelyn Female 1955
Turquand, Mr. Bernard Male Deputy receiver general 1848
Murray, Mr. E. G.D. Male 1965
Paterson, Mr. A. Huntly Male 1948
Bergin, Dr. Darby Male 1896
Jull, Rev. P. L. Male 1948
Biggar, Mr. Oliver Mowat Male 1948
Laughran, Mrs. Annie Mary Female Frank Laughran 1946
Kerby, Mr. Glenn R. Male 1957
Wright, Mr. Edward Simcoe Male Formerly tavern-keeper 1882
Boulton, Mr. Edward Male
Gauthier, Mr. Paul Male 1957
Rochat, Mrs. Norma Defoe Female Rochat 1942
Byers, Judge Daniel R. Male 1944
Fitz-Gerald, Mr. Arthur Stanley Male 1959
Reekie, Mr. Andrew H. Male 1957
Hamilton, Rev. Arthur Douglas Male 1948
Graham, Dr. Angus Male 1943
Cooper, Mr. William Henry Male 1952
McDougall, Mr. George H. Male 1937
Allen, Mr. John Male 1962
Sheils, Mr. George Kingsley Male 1953
McKenzie, Mrs. Ellen Female James McKenzie 1850
Moore, Dr. Arthur Male Doctor 1857 Lung disease
Armstrong, Brig. F. Logie Male 1945
Mowat, Mr. J Gordon Male 1906
Turnbull, Mr. A. S. Male 1956
Horkins, Mrs. Alice Louise Female W. B. Horkins 1959
Bain, Mr. James A. Male 1959
Easton, Mrs. Kathleen Female William Easton 1956
Telfer, Mr. W. G. Male Clerk, Bank of Montreal 1878
Thompson, Mr. James A. Male 1945
Wallwin, Mr. Wesley Edgar Male 1946
Black, Mr. Arthur J. Male 1956
Eppes, Major David Douglas Riou Male 1940