Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
Gibson, Mr. J. H. Male Law clerk 1865 40 Intoxicating liquors
Carty, Mrs. Mary Female Jeremiah Carty 1876 60 Jaundice
McFarland, Mr. Andrew Male Grocer 1880 46 Jaundice
Murray, Mr. William A. Male Dry goods merchant 1891 77 Jaundice
Dredge, Mr. Francis Charles Male Bookbinder 1863 38 Jaundice
Graham, Mr. James Male Formerly Secretary, Toronto, Grey and Bruce Railway and cashier of City Bank 1885 83 Jaundice
Farquhar, Mr. James Male Ex-Contractor 1890 77 Jaundice
Orr, Mr. William R. Male Writing master and accountant 1880 62 Jaundice
Walker, Mrs. Mary A. Female R. Walker 1879 67 Jaundice and erysipelas
Green, Rev. A. Male Minister 1879 77 Jaundice, complication
Lowe, Prof. T. S. C. Male Scientist and inventor 1913 80 Jaundice, immediate cause a fall
Pratt, Mr. W. H. Male Lumber merchant 1905 76 Kidney and bladder disease
Ferguson, Mr. Thomas Male Judge, Common Pleas 1904 65 Kidney and heart trouble
Gardner, Dr. Charles Male Doctor 1863 40 Kidney disease
Coombe, Mr. John Male Ex-Druggist 1891 66 Kidney disease
Parker, Mr. J. L. Male Tavern-keeper 1872 51 Kidney disease
Moore, Miss. Mary Female 1895 42 Kidney disease
Harrison, Mr. R. W. Male 1907 71 Kidney disease
Walker, Mr. Robert Irwin Male R. Walker and Sons, Clothiers 1890 50 Kidney disease
Musson, Mr. William W. Male 1866 43 Kidney disease
Ovens, Mr. John Male Fancy goods 1885 74 Kidney disease
Perry, Capt. Charles Male Insurance agent 1885 57 Kidney disease
Pepler, Mr. James Male Leather merchant 1890 63 Kidney disease
Lauder, Mr. Abraham W. Male Solicitor and M.P.P. 1884 49 Kidney disease
Philips, Rev. A. M. Male Methodist Minister 1896 50 Kidney disease
Yale, Mr. Sandford Male Lumber merchant 1876 55 Kidney disease, consumption
Botsford, Mr. John D. Male Formerly blacksmith 1885 77 Kidney disease, etc.
O'Donoghoe, Hon. John Male Barristor 1902 78 Kidney trouble
Flint, Mr. Abraham B. Male Retired dry goods merchant 1886 45 Kidney trouble
Sullivan, Bishop Edward Male Rector St. James' Cathedral 1899 66 Kidney trouble
Brodie, Mr. J. L. Male Managing Director, Standard Bank 1894 55 Kidney trouble
Close, Mr. P. G. Male Ex-Grocer, member of Court of Revisions 1900 25 Kidney trouble and blood poisoning
Doherty, Mr. Charles B. Male Tobacconist 1900 55 Kidney, liver and heart trouble
Aldercon, Mr. Male Mississauga Model School 1866 45 Killed
Atkinson, Mr. James O. Male Carpenter 1881 56 Killed
Lawrence, Mr. Francis Male Conductor, N.R.R. 1866 48 Killed at Allandale
Muntz, Mr. Robert Gustavus Male Clerk, Gas Company 1914 50 Killed by being run over by a motor.
Neil, Mr. John Male Blacksmith 1879 61 Killed by being run over by N.R. train
Doty, Mr. Frank N. Male Machinist 1896 46 Killed by derrick
Coates, Mr. Edwin J. Male Publisher Musical Times 1890 25 Killed by fall from a horse
Parsons, Mr. Albert Male Carpenter 1886 40 Killed by falling from scaffold
Graham, Mr. William H. Male Clerk 1862 21 Killed by falling off roof Rossin House
Humphries, Mr. Charles E. Male Lawyer's clerk 1873 43 Killed by G. J. Railway
Rennardson, Mr. Robert Male Boat builder 1878 58 Killed by G. W. [Ry.] while intoxicated
Harrington, Mr. John Male Hardware merchant 1859 40 Killed by horse bucking him against a tree
Cockburn, Mr. Churchill H. Z. Male Rancher 1913 45 Killed by kick from a horse
Booth, Mr. Samuel Male Carpenter 1882 45 Killed by railway at Manson, N.W.Terr.
Burke, Mr. S. Eyre Male Commercial traveller 1875 41 Killed by rowdies
Smith, Mr. John Male Wholesale grocer 1881 65 Killed by street cars on Church Street
Hall, Mr. David R. P. Male Lamplighter 1902 52 Killed by street railway