Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
Punshon, Mr. William Morley Male Emmanuel, Methodist Minister 1881 57 Inflammation of lungs
Tyner, Mr. Edward Male Bookkeeper, Bible Society 1881 35 Inflammation of lungs
Burns, Mr. W. H. Male Barrister 1868 36 Inflammation of lungs
Ridout, Mr. Samuel G. Male Supervisor of assessors 1876 58 Inflammation of lungs
Jeffrey, Mrs. Jane Ann Female W. H. Jeffrey 1872 33 Inflammation of lungs
Moore, Mr. James Male Farmer 1882 63 Inflammation of lungs
Grantam, Mr. John Male Late livery-stable keeper 1866 60 Inflammation of lungs
Bright, Mrs. Jane Female Washerwoman 1872 73 Inflammation of lungs
Short, Mr. William Male Tavern keeper 1867 42 Inflammation of lungs
Hetherington, Mr. John Male Formerly clerk in City Clerk's office 1880 43 Inflammation of lungs
Torrington, Mrs. Mary Female 1876 45 Inflammation of lungs
Robarts, Mr. E. F. Male Government official 1856 22 Inflammation of lungs
Creighton, Mr. Samuel Male Turner 1866 60 Inflammation of lungs
Munck, Mr. Jeremiah Deas Male Sheriff, County Stormount 1887 67 Inflammation of lungs
Campbell, Mr. Donald Male Barrister 1866 40 Inflammation of lungs
Hayman, Mr. Charles S. Male Merchant Tailor 1868 34 Inflammation of lungs
Ginty, Mr. John Male Contractor 1884 63 Inflammation of lungs
Walker, Mr. Louis Male Cab driver 1873 65 Inflammation of lungs
Pocknell, Mr. R. T. Male Confectioner 1875 42 Inflammation of lungs
Spencer, Mr. C. H. Male 1864 70 Inflammation of lungs
Henwood, Mr. William Male Tavernkeeper 1867 40 Inflammation of lungs
Harris, Mrs. Lucille C. Female J. D. Harris 1869 58 Inflammation of lungs
Holden, Mr. James Male Managing Director of Whitby & Port Perry Railway 1881 53 Inflammation of lungs
Newcombe, Mr. William Male 1876 18 Inflammation of lungs
Rooney, Archibald Male 1859 7 Inflammation of lungs
Westman, Mrs. Eliza Female 1881 46 Inflammation of lungs and bowels
Riddell, Mr. Andrew J. Male Dairyman 1869 37 Inflammation of lungs.
Edwards, Mr. W. H. Male Barber 1862 53 Inflammation of the lungs
Ross, Rev. W. W. Male Methodist Minister 1884 46 Inflammation of the lungs
Booth, Mr. S. Male Painter 1858 56 Inflammation of tube leading from bladder
Sutherland, Mr. Willie Male 1871 9 Inflammatory croup
Franck, Rev. John Male Schoolmaster 1868 43 Inflammatory rheumatism
Bowden, Mrs. Margaret Female J. W. Bowden 1878 42 Inflmmation
Munro, Mr. George Male Customs appraiser 1900 70 Influenza
Partridge, Mrs. Annie Frances Female 1919 63 Influenza
Mulock, Mr. Cawthra Male Broker, Director, etc. 1918 34 Influenza
Hyslop, Mr. William Male Auto dealer 1919 47 Influenza
Bilton, Mr. Thomas Male Tailor 1872 60 Influenza of lungs
Gooderham, Mr. Male Late merchant 1879 53 Injuries from an accident
Tyrwhitt, Mr. Raymond Male Margaret Tyrwhitt 1947 Injuries received from a motorcycle accident.
Steele, Mr. John Male Grocer 1871 48 Insanity caused by brain fever
Smith, Mrs. Lizzie Female 1869 25 Intermittent fever
Taylor, Mrs. Margaret Female 1859 54 Intermittent fever
Kinzinger, Mrs. Sarah Ann Female 1873 53 Intermittent fever and heart disease
Atkinson, Mrs. Female John Atkinson 1863 41 Internal abscess, effects of typhoid fever
Walker, Mrs. Mary Ann Female Charles Walker 1866 38 Internal cancer
Rogers, Mr. Bernard Male Keeper 1863 50 Internal cancer
Coleman, Mrs. Jane Isabella Female 1871 37 Internal complication
Mason, Mr. W. T. Male Accountant, etc. 1882 58 Intestinal obstruction
Jackson, Mr. Henry Male Jeweller 1873 61 Intoxicating liquor