Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Moynihan, Mr. William A. Male 1968
Tannahill, Mr. Alexander McBride Male 1952
Lamont, Dr. George Anderson Male 1955
Hawkrigg, Mrs. Ida May Female Harry Hawkrigg 1946
Latham, Mr. Henry Male Lawyer 1856
Banner, Mr. James Male 1944
O'Donoghue, Miss. Katharine Female 1945
Lighthal, Mr. George Peter Rutherford Male 1956
Lowe, Mr. Charles Southcott Male 1948
Marshall, Mrs. Female John Marshall 1946
Rostand, Mr. Michel Male 1976
Jones, Mr. Russell Draper Male 1943
Keachie, Mrs. Ida G. Female Morton Keachie 1955
Collie, Ruth Female
McCormack, Mr. Robert Sharpe Male 1961
Smith, Mrs. Lena Female Leo Smith 1956
Bottrill, Mr. Edgar A. Male 1960
Brooker, Mr. Ilys Male 1968
Morley, Mr. R. B. Male 1958
Gammell, Mr. Hugh Graham Male 1960
Murphy, Col. George Patterson Male 1938
Atkin, Edith Luella Female 1946
Hastings, Mrs. Female Milton B. Hastings 1957
Gordon, Mr. Peter Male 1956
Wallbridge, Mr. William Holloway Male 1946
Warren, Mrs. Sarah Female Harry Dorman Warren 1952
Hutchison, Mr. Frederick W. Male 1953
LeGrow, Mrs. Miriam Female A. C. LeGrow 1956
Robbie, Chief Superintendent I. R. Male 1968
Gray, Mr. John Male 1829
Griffin, Mr. Robert Male 1831
Young, Judge Alfred H. Male 1960
Clarke, Mr. Charles Langton Male 1936
Ross, Mr. P. D. Male 1949
Lyons, Mr. Richard Male 1955
Coleman, Lt. F. J. A. Male 1944
Blochin, Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Female Victor Blochin 1946
Kemp, Lady Albert Edward Female Albert Edward Kemp 1957
Schierholtz, Grace Female 1966
MacMillan, Dr. Stanley B. Male 1959
Bowman, Louise Morey Female Poet 1944
Sterns, Mrs. Nora I. Female Russell W. Sterns 1952
Moreland, Mrs. Margaret Female 1973
Morton, Mr. Robert Male 1956
Gavin, Mr. Everley Raymond Male 1957
Gibson, Mrs. L. Georgina Female Stephen H. Gibson 1944
Uffen, Mr. James Frederick Male Elsie Uffen 1958
Burdell, Mr. S. B. Male M. P. 1892
Durand, Mr. James Male Register of the Gen. district, and formerly M. P. P. 1833
Gordon, Archdeacon Gavin Bruce Male 1959