Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Deathsort descending Age at Death Cause of Death
Porter, Chief Justice Dana Harris Male Chief justice of Ontario 66
Ellins, Lt.-Col. H. F. Male 70
Furlong, Lt.-Col. Male
Kinross, Mr. C. J. Male 62
Auldjo, Mr. Thomas Richardson Male Unknown
Coventry, Mr. George Male 77
Walker, Mr. Graham Male
Ruthven, Mr. James Male
Ross, Mr. Simon Male
Richmond, Mr. Andrew R. B. Male 76
Dumsday, Mrs. Anne Female William H. Dumsday 49
Walker, Mrs. Fred W. Female 33
Hudspeth, Mr. Thomas A. Male
Fraser, Mr. Richard D. Male
Sibbald, Mr. William Male
M, Mr. Male
Fraser, Mr. Simon Male
m, Mr. Male
Fraser, Mr. Simon Male
Woodsworth, Mr. James S. Male
Godwin, Mary Female
Fraser, Mr. Alexander Male
Clousten, Mr. Robert Male
Barron, Mr. Frederick William Male 1887
Allan, Dr. Francis Barclay Male 69
Walker, Mr. Harry Lorne Male
Baldwin, Capt. Augustus Male
Tedeschini, Cardinal Federico Male 86
Burgess, Mrs. Kate Female 80
Lawrence, Mr. David L. Male 77
Clousten, Mrs. Caroline Anna Female Robert Clousten 27
Ward, Mr. Alfred Male 73
Vanier, George Male 78
Boyd, Mr. Walter H. Male 82
Townsend, Mr. William Male
Keele, Mr. William Conway Male
Marsh, Mr. Thomas William Male Clergyman
Might, Mr. Percy Male 89
Torrance, Miss. Marjorie Female Physiotherapist
Dooner, Mr. Alfred James Male
Gordon, Mr. James Male
McKenzie, Mr. Samuel Male
DeGrassi, Mr. Alexander William James Male
Collie, Ruth Female
Gillespie, Sir Robert Male
Fraser, Mr. Alexander Male
Trottier, Mr. A. H. C. Male 77
Wilkins, Mr. James Egerton Male
Walker, Mr. Hiram Male
Cayley, Mrs. Agnes Female A. D. Cayley