Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Innes, Mr. John Male 1951
Burgess, Mrs. Amy Bell Female Herbert W. Burgess 1952
McKim, Miss. Helen A. Female 1960
Morrish, Miss. Emily Female 1948
Ball, Mrs. Charlotte Maria Female William Henry Ball 1955
Duff, Mr. Gegore Syman Male 1957
Tennant, Mr. David C. Male 1946
Killmaster, Margaret Duncan Female 1954
Lennox, Mr. James Wesley Male 1958
Orr, Dr. Dorothea Female Robert Kimball Orr 1946
Kirk, Mr. William Frederick Male 1958
Price, Prof. Harold W. Male 1950
Robinson, Mrs. Ann Female 1881
Young, Mr. Robert Male 1958
Malloch, Dr. Archibald Male 1953
Caouette, Mr. Joseph David Real Male 1976
Widmer, Mrs. Emily Sarah Female Widmer 1833
Cawthra, Major John Joseph Male 1951
Foley, Pearl Beatrix Female 1953
Brown, Mr. Gerald Alfred Male 1944
MacNeill, Annie Mary Female 1946
Hare, Dr. Amy Dora Female Robert B. Hare 1945
Mitchell, Mr. Alfred Male 1952
Bunt, Mrs. Sarah E. Female William T. Bunt 1952
Motley, Mr. Phillips B. Male 1946
McNaughton, Mr. A. G. L. Male 1966
Drummond, Lady Grace Julia Female George Drummond 1942
Pepall, Mr. Harry Gilmour Male 1959
Wilson, Mr. George A. Male 1967
Phillips, Rev. Thomas Male 1843
Robb, Mr. Roy Male 1955
Westropp, Mr. Robert Giddings Male
Young, Dr. J. Perry Male 1961
Kopplin, Mr. George Arthur Male
Livingstone, Mr. J. Mc E. Male 1955
Cowles, Mr. John P. Male 1957
Loukides, Mrs. Nellie Female 1958
Marr, Mr. William H. Male 1968
Carr, Mr. Robert Male 1956
Firth, Mr. J. L. Male 1959
Charles, Henrietta Elizabeth Female 1947
Sampson, Mr. J. Ernest Male 1946
Smith, Mr. William Male 1853
Middleton, Capt. F. S. Male 1946
Clarke, Mr. Randall Livingstone Male 1946
Milroy, Mrs. Mabel Female James Milroy 1959
Coates, Mr. William J. Male
Shatford, Rev. Canon Alan P. Male 1935
Armstrong, Mrs. Hannah Female Robert Armstrong 1945
Hutchison, Winnifred A. Female 1954