Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Wykes, Mr. Edwin T. Male 1952
Bull, Mr. George Perkins Male 1847
Givins, Mrs. Female James Givins 1842
Ross, Miss. Charlotte Helen Female 1956
Wilkinson, Mr. James Egerton Male 1943
Kerby, Col. William Male 1877
King, Dr. James Harold Male 1949
May, Mr. Samuel Passman Male Inspector of Public Libraries 1908
Sabine, Mr. Howard Wendell Male 1955
Gregory, Mrs. Mary Frances Female Walter Dymond Gregory 1945
Early, Major James Male 1952
Cobb, Mrs. Ella May Female H. S. Cobb 1959
McLaren, Mr. George Richard Male 1954
Sinclair, Mr. Arthur William Roe Male 1957
Tod, Mr. Travice Alexander Male 1961
Collett, Mrs. Bessie Louise Female Norman Collett 1956
McTavish, Mr. Hector Male 1844
Pardee, Hon. T. B. Male 1889
Fairlie, Mr. Matthew F. Male 1944
Boulton, Mr. James Male Barrister-at-law 1878
Craig, Mr. Ross J. Male 1952
Fischer, Mr. Dwight M. Male 1958
Peters, Mr. William Male 1966
Fletcher-Copp, Mrs. Evelyn Female Alfred E. Fletcher-Copp 1945
Fyvie, Mr. Johnston M. Male 1956
Currie, Sir Arthur Male 1933
Foster, Mona Female 1976
Watson, Mr. Wilfrid J. Male Businessman Elsie Watson 1948 Stroke
Johnston, Mr. Frederick James Male 1944
Brown, Mrs. Catherine Aimee Female James N. M. Brown 1943
Hare, Dr. Amy Dora Female Robert B. Hare 1945
Grant, Mr. Francis Male 1842
MacGillivray, Miss. Carrie Holmes Female 1949
McCarthy, Mother Thomas Aquinas Female 1962
Kribs, Mr. Louis P. Male Journalist 1898
Macklem, Mr. Oliver Tiffany Male 1865
Meredith, Sir William Male 1894
Scott, Laila Cordelia Female 1959
Choquette, Mr. Robert H. Male 1939
Macpherson, Mrs. Hazel I. Female Kenneth C. Macpherson 1955
Selkirk, Mrs. Donnie Dora Female Harry H. Selkirk 1951
Armstrong, Mrs. Hannah Female Robert Armstrong 1945
Benson, Mr. Thomas C. Male 1956
McKersie, Mr. Wesley Male 1959
McLeod, Mrs. Mary Belle Female 1961
Transon, Mr. Ernest Josiah Male 1946
Constantine, Maj.-Gen. C. F. Male 1953
McPherson, Mr. William David Male 1929
Moyer, P. S. Male 1955
Peaker, Mr. Courtlandt Henry Male 1946