Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Deathsort descending Age at Death Cause of Death
Pennick, Mr. Harry Male 37
Thomson, Mr. Clive A. Male 78
Plaunt, Mr. Alan B. Male
Nelles, Mr. Henry Male
Routley, Mr. Male
Jones, Mr. Samuel Male
Purser, Mrs. Mona Female Harold M. Purser
White, Senator Richard S. Male
McIntosh, Mr. Duncan Male
Hilton, Mr. Hugh G. Male
Peak, Mr. Owen Male
Kilgour, Mr. R. Cecil Male
Lovell, Mrs. Gladys Maud Female R. J. Lovell
Fothergill, Mr. Charles Male
Morice, Rev. Father Adrien Gabriel Male
Boyd, Mr. Walter H. Male 82
Koldofsky, Mr. Adolphe Male
White, Sir Thomas Male
Burgess, Mrs. Kate Female 80
Hallowell, Miss. M. Female
Nelles, Mr. Robert Male
Sparrow, Mrs. Muriel Female Eugene E. Sparrow
Livingston, Mr. John Male
Toner, Mrs. Marie-Louise Wyndham Female John A. Wyndham Toner
Plaxton, Mrs. Harriet Ann Female Charles William Plaxton 83
Power, Mr. James Thomas Male
Auldjo, Everetta Female
Ermatinger, Miss. Frances Female
Connor, Mr. Ralph Male
Ermatinger, Mr. Male
Sturges, Dr. Wesley A. Male Dean of the University of Miami Law School and former dean of the Yale Law School. 69
Johnson, Mr. Daniel Male 53
Vincennes, Mr. Male
DeGrassi, Mr. Alexander William James Male
Moffatt, Mr. George Male
Bellamy, Patricia Female Librarian
Dooner, Mr. Alfred James Male
Walker, Mr. Male
Lightbourne, Mr. Stafford Male
Sanderson, Rev. George Rivers Male Postmaster
Thomson, Mr. Hugh Male
DeGrassi, Mr. Philip Male
McTavish, Mr. John G. M. Male
Bongard, Mr. Robert Ross Male 86
Boulton, Mr. Edward Male
Westropp, Mr. Robert Giddings Male
Gray, Mrs. Ruth Female V. Evan Gray 66
Hallowell, Mr. William Male
McTavish, Mr. John George Male
Crooks, Mr. William Male Formerly M. P. P.,