Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Zimmer, Mr. Charles Gordon Male 1946
Ramsay, Mr. Hew Male 1857
Carleton, Mr. John Male 1954
MacGregor, Mr. Donald C. Male 1942
Saunders, Mr. Sidney Adams Male 1952
Copp, Prof. Walter P. Male 1946
Alexander, Sir William Male 1954
Smyth, Mr. William J.H. Male 1958
McElheran, Mrs. Irene Female Robert Benjamin McEleran 1955
Jaffray, Mrs. Minnie Female Robert Alexander Jaffray 1946
McManus, Mrs. Margaret Mary Female D. T. McManus 1955
Conn, Capt. Hartly Robert Male 1943
DeMont, Mr. A. Gordon Male 1953
Pearo, Major E. A. Male 1957
Walker, Mr. Frank Norman Male Physician and writer of historical books 1973
Keith, Mr. George Male Late chief factor of Hudson's Bay Company 1859
Watson, Dr. William V. Male 1945
Dowd, Father Male 1891
Robertson, Miss. Mary Mason Female 1856
Weir, Mr. William B. Male 1956
Gauld, Mr. J. Gordon Male 1943
Priest, Mr. Harry Charles Male 1959
Whitaker, Mr. Alfred E. Male 1948
Orr, Mr. John Male 1965
Weir, Rev. Frank Gordon Male Clergyman and author Rosetta Weir 1963
Wright, Justice W. H. Male 1934
Ferguson, Mr. Thomas A. M. Male 1948
Gibson, Mr. John J. Male 1948
Maloney, Mr. James Male 1961
Wilber, Mr. Willis C. Male 1951
Foote, Mr. Arthur F. Male 1944
Capreol, Mr. Alfred Reginald Male 1947
Macbeth, Mrs. Alice Female George Kenneth Macbeth 1955
Ruthven, Mr. James Male
MacDougall, Mrs. Pearl Margaret Female Frank A. MacDougall 1948
Mackenzie, Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Female John Hall Thompson Mackenzie 1946
Coulter, Mr. Jessie E. Male 1956
Sheard, Mr. Joseph Male 1883
Ingersoll, Charles Male 1832 Cholera
Arnot, Mr. J. Male 1955
McKenzie, Mr. James Male 1849
Stewart, Miss. Margaret Amelia Female 1958
Colpus, Mrs. Gertrude Female 1959
Darling, Mrs. Lila Wylie Nelson Female C. Warren Darling 1954
Hogan, Mrs. Female John Sheridan Hogan 1868
Baker, Mrs. Naomi Harriett Female George B. Baker 1946
Moule, Judge Male Judge 1888
Johnston, Mr. Charles Male 1943
Barfoot, Mrs. Lorena A. Female Walter Foster Barfoot 1952
Murphy, Mr. E. J. Male 1958