Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort ascending
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth Female Richard Brown 1909 70 Heart disease
Coddington, Mr. William Henry Male Hatter 1913 73 Heart disease
McFarland, Mrs. Isabella Female 1871 37 Heart disease
Bendelari, Mr. Enrico Male Wine merchant, Italian Consul 1888 48 Heart disease
Morris, Mr. James H. Male Barrister 1890 Heart disease
Marling, Mr. John W. Male Retired insurance manager 1911 90 Heart disease
Ross, Mr. James Male Engineer, contractor, etc. 1913 65 Heart disease
Willson, Mr. Charles R. Male Stove manufacturer (of McDonald and Willson) 1900 69 Heart disease
Mara, Mr. William Male Wine and spirit merchant 1896 48 Heart disease
Miller, Mr. John Male Retired grocer 1881 69 Heart disease
Lovell, Mr. John Male Printer and news agent 1885 34 Heart disease
Faircloth, Mr. George S. Male Painter 1879 60 Heart disease
Clark, Mrs. Alice Maud Female W. S. Clark 1879 25 Heart disease
Foy, Mr. George J. Male Grocer 1909 65 Heart disease
Parks, Mr. Herbert William Male Stockpost 1909 25 Heart disease
Williams, Miss. Matilda Female 1861 13 Heart disease
Yorke, Mr. Lionel Male Builder and contractor 1889 55 Heart disease
Clarke, Mr. James Paton Male 1877 69 Heart disease
Lee, Mr. Thomas Joseph Male Bookkeeper 1905 65 Heart disease
Bennett, Mr. Thomas H. Male Saddler 1894 58 Heart disease
Rogers, Mr. Alexander Male 1912 77 Heart disease
Ryrie, Mr. W. P. Male 1919 61 Heart disease
Archbold, Mr. C. P. Male Merchant 1896 61 Heart disease
Baldwin, Rev. E. Male Canon, St. James' Cathedral 1876 50 Heart disease
Bolster, Mr. Lancelot G. Male Superintendent Water Company 1871 50 Heart disease
Johnston, Mr. Joshua T. Male Type-foundry 1908 56 Heart disease
Olin, Mrs. Catharine Female F. P. Olin 1894 65 Heart disease
Campbell, Prof. John Male 1904 64 Heart disease
Wilkes, Miss. Elizabeth H. Female 1899 56 Heart disease
Wheeler, Mr. William Male 1873 69 Heart disease
Marling, Rev. F. H. Male Congregationalist 1901 75 Heart disease
Dillon, Mr. John Male Lumber merchant and ship owner 1908 73 Heart disease
Gooderham, Mr. William Male Retired miller 1889 65 Heart disease
Topping, Mr. Victor Male Civil engineer, flier and barrister. Agnes White 1937 41 Heart attack.
Tytler, Mr. Norman Dunbar Male Barrister Marilla Tytler 1947 57 Heart attack
Tweedy, Mr. Robert Andrew Male Senior advertising executive of The Globe and Mail Berta Tweedy 1962 50 Heart attack
Woon, Mr. Robert William Male Police officer 1957 51 Heart attack
Tanton, Dr. Creel Armour Male Dentist Charlotte Henderson Tanton 1944 46 Heart attack
Marshall, Mrs. Laura Female Russell W. Marshall 1957 Heart attack
Vahey, Rev. Thomas James Male 1955 57 Heart attack
Woodhouse, Magistrate John Henry Male Clergyman 1967 54 Heart attack
Turner, Mr. John M. Male Liberal politician 1945 44 Heart attack
Wright, Dr. C. Stewart Male Doctor Meta Rankin Wright 1952 69 Heart attack
Worden, Mr. Raynold Seager Male Manager Eleanor Worden 1955 51 Heart attack
Unger, Mr. Heinz Male Conductor Hella Unger 1965 70 Heart attack
Merchant, Mr. Livingston Male 1976 72 Heart attack
World, Mr. Thomas A. E. Male Yachtsman 1947 85 Heart attack
Wright, Mr. Donald Draper Male Insurance agency head Merle Alice Wright 1955 57 Heart attack
Turnbull, Mr. Harry C. Male President of the Turnbull Elevator Co. Ltd. 1945 67 Heart attack
Woodley, Mr. Norman Male Bertha Woodley 1954 63 Heart attack