Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort ascending
Millen, Mr. Humphrey Male Clerk 1908 75 Heart failure
Leonard, Mr. Arthur Male Pavement contractor 1895 53 Heart failure
Smith, Mr. William Henry Male Local Manager Ontario Bank 1907 63 Heart failure
Kirkland, Mr. Thomas Male Principal, normal school 1898 63 Heart failure
Allan, Hon. G. W. Male Ex-President of Senate 1901 79 Heart failure
Gundy, Mr. William Pearson Male Vice-President, W. J. Gage and Company 1919 61 Heart failure
McDonald, Mr. Randolph Male Contracter 1910 59 Heart failure
Jennings, Mr. Bernard Male Assistant Manager, Imperial Bank 1901 49 Heart Failure
Inglis, Mr. John Male Machinist 1899 76 Heart failure
Ramsden, Mr. John A. Male High Constable and County Clerk 1911 61 Heart failure
Back, Mr. William Male General Dry Goods 1917 74 Heart failure
Nesbitt, Mr. John S. Male Estate agent 1904 48 Heart failure
Clarke, Mr. Henry E. Male M. P. P., Trunk Manufacturer 1892 63 Heart failure
Houston, Mr. Stewart Male Manager, Massey Hall 1910 42 Heart failure
Gale, Mr. James W. Male Manufacturer 1899 69 Heart failure
Boddy, Rev. J. S. Male Former Rector, St. Peter's Church 1905 79 Heart failure
Love, Mr. Spencer Male Barrister 1912 Heart failure
Sinclair, Mr. William Male Foreman, Gas Company 1908 59 Heart failure
Blake, Mrs. Rebecca Female S. H. Blake 1901 63 Heart failure
Jones, John T. Male High Constable 1899 63 Heart failure
Kinzinger, Mr. W. P. Male 1905 63 Heart failure
Willoughby, Rev. W. R. Male Methodist Minister 1906 70 Heart failure
Baines, Mr. C. C. Male Broker 1904 59 Heart failure
Elmsley, Hon. John Male Retired gentleman 1863 61 Heart disease, etc.
Davis, Mr. John H. Male Clerk, Post Office 1893 61 Heart disease, etc.
Curzon, Hon. E. R. Male Late clerk at Custom house 1862 64 Heart disease, etc.
Dalton, Mr. R. G. Male Master in Chancery 1892 74 Heart disease, dropsy
Brown, Mr. Thomas Male Bookbinder 1867 39 Heart disease, consumption
Wyatt, Mr. Harry F. Male Broker 1909 46 Heart disease or suicide
Kearn, Mr. W. P. Male Saddler 1904 66 Heart disease from grippe
Cuthbertson, Mrs. Annie Female R. S. Cuthbertson 1907 72 Heart disease and diabetes
Laidlaw, Mr. George Male Railway promoter 1889 68 Heart disease + congestion of lungs
Manton, Mr. George Male Captain, Salvation Army 1909 72 Heart disease (suddenly)
Ridout, Mr. Thomas Gibbs Male Barrister 1911 69 Heart disease
Wickett, Mr. S. Morley Male Leather manufacturer, Alderman 1915 42 Heart disease
McDonald, Mrs. E. Ann Female McDonald 1906 82 Heart disease
McGinn, Mr. James Male Saloon keeper 1890 51 Heart disease
Gernley, Mrs. Female J. Gernley 1872 48 Heart disease
Clarke, Mr. James Paton Male 1877 69 Heart disease
Richardson, Mr. Marmaduke Male Provision merchant 1886 64 Heart disease
Harrison, Mr. Glover Male China merchant 1888 63 Heart disease
Jarvis, Mr. William B. Male Sheriff, County York 1887 69 Heart disease
Campbell, Prof. John Male 1904 64 Heart disease
Rogers, Mr. W. B. Male Postmaster 1918 65 Heart disease
Harrington, Mrs. Eliza Female James Blair Harrington 1891 68 Heart disease
Bolster, Mr. Lancelot G. Male Superintendent Water Company 1871 50 Heart disease
Roscoe, Mr. John Male 1885 11 Heart disease
Young, Mr. James M. Male Machinist, Gas Works 1888 46 Heart disease
Wilson, Mr. Christopher Male Scalemaker 1890 71 Heart disease
Cuthbertson, Ellen Female Milliner 1871 37 Heart disease