Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Manton, Mr. James Nathan Male 1948
Randal, Robert Male 1834
Echlin, Mr. Erland Male 1951
Hall, Capt. James F. M. Male 1944
Martin, Mrs. Mabel Female Charles F. Martin
Rowntree, Mr. Harold Lee Male 1956
Alexander, Dr. Charles Cleland Male 1943
Maxwell, Mr. Frank D. Male 1959
Dease, Dr. Peter Warren Male 1853
Buntin, Mr. James Male 1861
Savage, Mrs. Female J. L. Savage 1960
Sewell, Mr. Edward J. C. Male 1952
Garmer, Mr. James Aubrey Hamilton Male 1958
Kent, Mr. John Antliff Male 1946
Panton, Mr. Lawrence A. C. Male 1954
Killoran, Judge James L. Male 1950
Neimeir, Mr. Otto Male 1956
Pinder, Mr. Robert Taylor Male 1948
Watson, Mr. Oliver Male Printing manager 1953
Porter, Mr. Watson H. Male 1957
Greenaway, Mrs. Margaret E. Female Thomas Hartley Greenaway 1954
Rees, Rev. Dr. Llon P.S. Male 1945
Smith, Mr. George Samuel Male 1947
Fallis, Mr. Percy B. Male 1947
Armstrong, Mr. Thomas Brown Male 1957
McDougall, Mr. Peter Male 1836 Dropsy
McGuigan, Miss. Gertrude Female
Tiel, Mrs. Nora Female J. A. Tiel 1958
Barber, Lt. John Delury Male 1945
Tait, Mrs. Eva M. Female Nelson Tait 1950
Kinmond, Lt.-Col. R. D. Male 1948
Lamb, Mr. Henry John Male 1949
Blackader, Dr. Alfred Kimball Male 1940
Walmsley, Mrs. Constance E. Female 1961
Wilson, Mr. John Macnab Male Grace Cowan Wilson 1944
Pickering, Mr. George Male 1955
Wood, Miss. Euphemia Mary Female 1959
leMay, Mrs. Florence Muriel Female Tracy D. leMay 1956
Collins, Mr. James Upper Male 1948
Wickson, Mr. Arthur Male 1913
D'Egville, Sir Howard Male 1965
Marshall, Mr. Clarence Male 1957
Reade, Mr. Robert C. Male 1956
Ross, Mrs. Arletta Jane Female James S. Ross 1955
Emmett, Mrs. Lottie J. Female George Emmett 1945
McCoppin, Mr. Minnie Female William McCoppin 1955
Dickens, Mr. Francis Jeffray Male Sub-inspector of the R.N.W.M.P. 1886
Sparks, Mr. Ned Male 1957
Fortier, Mr. Lewis Henry Male 1948
Galloway, J. Louise Female 1946