Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Reoch, Miss. Annie B. Female 1962
Macdonell, Mrs. Marion Female A. McLean Macdonell 1948
Smith, Mr. Charles Sidney Male 1956
Grant, Mr. James Male
Mackenzie, Mr. G. Norris Male 1972
Smith, Mrs. Eleanor M. Jackson Female S. K. Smith 1954
Auldjo, Major General John Richardson Male 1879
Greenwood, Mrs. F. S. Female 1957
Helliwell, Mr. John Male Barrister-at-law, of Osgoode Hall 1877
Mitchell, Dr. Jennie Female R. A. Mitchell 1956
Banting, Mrs. Marion Wilson Female Frederick Banting 1944
Heron, Mrs. Fanny Female James Heron 1850
Steward, Miss. Ida Mary Female 1953
Thorburn, Dr. James Male Medical Doctor 1905
Bartlett, Mrs. Rose Female Fred L. Bartlett 1944
Tory, Mr. John A. Male
Murdison, Mr. Andrew Male 1944
Eakins, Mr. Sidney W. Male 1954
Bethune, Mr. Norman Male 1892
Kennedy, Mr. Henry George Male 1946
O'Brien, Dr. P. William Male 1951
Warren, Mr. Donald A. Male 1971
Fairbairn, Mr. Rhys Dakers Male 1946
Oldham, Dr. George Elliot Male 1944
Webber, Mr. Charles Male 1960
Lewis, Mr. Ira Male Lawyer 1903
Fletcher, Dr. Herbert Morrison Male 1947
Loudon, Sir John Male 1948
Reilly, Mr. Thomas Male 1959
Carpmael, Mr. Charles H. Male Director of the Meteorological Service 1894
Scratch, Mrs. Lydia Dawson Female Scratch 1959
Sharpe, Mr. Bertram W. Male 1953
Molson, Mrs. Female J. Dinham Molson 1957
Barrington, Josephine Female 1973
Clutterbuck, Dr. Herbert Ernest Male 1952
McMurray, Mr. S. Franklin Male 1946
Mundell, Dr. Charles Thomas Male 1949
Parker, Mr. John Spence Male 1959
Deacon, Mrs. Anna Female Charles R. Deacon 1955
Patterson, Miss. Annie Female 1946
Bertram, Jane Female 1940
Ward, Mr. William Male 1938
Kerr, Mrs. Annie Mary Maude Female Charles W. Kerr 1946
Plaunt, Mr. Alan B. Male
Ritchie, Mr. James A. Male 1935
Bonnycastle, Lt.-Col. G. C. Male 1943
Ganley, Mr. Joseph Male 1956
Lett, Mrs. Female Lett 1855
Robertson, Mrs. Rilla Female Norman S. Robertson 1954
Welsman, Mr. Frank Squire Male 1952