Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Porteous, Mr. William Male Postmaster of Montreal 1855
Boyd, Mr. Albert Blain Male 1955
Clavir, Mrs. Alta Female A. M. Clavir 1957
Swayze, Mr. Isaac Male Formerly Member of Parliament
Anderson, Mr. James L. Male 1944
McDougall, Mr. George H. Male 1937
McKenzie, Mrs. Ellen Female James McKenzie 1850
Moore, Dr. Arthur Male Doctor 1857 Lung disease
Lehmann, Mr. Adolf John V. Male 1961
Sime, Miss. Jessie Georgina Female 1958
Mowat, Mr. J Gordon Male 1906
Williams, Mr. Walter R.E. Male 1956
Fraser, Mr. Karl C. Male 1954
Guest, Emily J. Female 1936
Bennett, Lt.-Col. John Hyde Male 1949
Small, Mr. John Male 1831
Paull-James, Mrs. Dilys Female Idris Paull-James 1952
Wren, Mr. John S. Male Educationist 1948
Cosens, Michelle Female 1965
Young, Mr. Roderick B. Male 1954
Jeffs, Miss. Kathleen Lorena Female 1948
Crombie, Mr. Ernestus M. A. Male 1883
Robbins, Mr. Harry Male 1970
Bowley, Mr. William Alexander Male 1945
Stewart, Mr. William Male Member of Parliament for Russell and for Bytown 1856
Rollinson, Mr. Eric Male 1965
Clarke, Mr. T. G. Male
Kenney, Mrs. Dympna Female J. S. Kenney 1944
Egan, Monseigneur William A. Male 1953
Kipp, Squadron Leader Robert A. Male 1949
Dillon, Mr. John B. Male 1954
Donovan, Justice William James Male 1949
Shaver, Mr. Alexander Laurence Male 1958
Forsyth, Mr. William Male
Fraser, Kathleen Female 1954
Hagerman, Mr. James Talbot Male
Newsome, Mrs. Lucy Female James Newsome 1946
Patterson, Mr. Thomas Charles Male 1907
Bertram, Mr. George Murray Male 1953
Smith, Mr. George Samuel Male 1947
Young, Judge Alfred H. Male 1960
Roach, Miss. Helen M. Female 1954
Bowen, Mr. J. C. Male 1957
Tiel, Mrs. Nora Female J. A. Tiel 1958
Kennedy, Mr. Alexander Macpherson Male 1953
Davidson, Mrs. Mary A. E. Female Douglas Davidson 1955
Aird, Mr. Hugh R. Male 1971
de Champ, Mr. Saint-Elme Male 1959
Tait, Mrs. Eva M. Female Nelson Tait 1950
McDonald, Miss. M. A. Female 1955