Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupationsort ascending Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Macdonald, Sir John A. Male Prime Minister of Canada 1891 76 Paralysis
Langmuir, Mr. Charles Male Pressman 1878 68
Smart, Mr. John Male President, [Port Hope] Gas Company 1901 75
Gundy, Rev. J. B. Male President, W. C. Conference 1873 41 Brain fever
Wilson, Sir Daniel Male President, University 1892 76 General break-up
McGee, Mr. James Male President, Union Loan Company 1893 72 Heart failure after La grippe
Cameron, Mr. Angus Male President, Toronto Bank 1864 38 Gastric fever
Alexander, Mr. James McKenzie Male President, S. F. McKinnon Co. 1917 77
Lee, Mr. A. Burdett Male President, Rice, Lewis & Son 1907 45 Grippe
Irving, Mr. Andrew T. Male President, News Company 1904 67
Sherman, Mr. Freeman C. Male President, New Haven Gas Company 1911 78
Playfair, Mr. John S. Male President, Navigation Company 1913 87
Massey, Mr. Walter E. H. Male President, Massey Co. 1901 37 Typhoid fever
Merritt, Mr. Thomas R. Male President, Imperial Bank 1906 81 General break-up
Jaffray, Hon. Robert Male President, Globe Printing Company 1914 82
Gates, Mr. Fred W. Male President, Gas Company Hamilton 1906 84 General break-up
Yates, Mr. Richard Male President, Gas Company 1867 69 General decay
Cockburn, Mr. George R. R. Male President, Gas Co., Ont. Bank, etc, M. P. 1912 77 After operation for gall stones
Blaikie, Mr. John L. Male President, Gas Co., etc 1912 88 Pneumonia
Duffield, Mr. William Male President, Gas Co. 1899 62
Austin, Mr. James Male President, Gas Co. 1897 83 Liver and kidney complaint
Dwight, Mr. Harvey Prentice Male President, G. N. W. Telegraph Co. 1912 83 General break-up
Willmott, Dr. J. Branston Male President, Dental College 1915 78 Result of operation
Booth, Mr. George Male President, Copper and Brass Co. 1919 80
Ridout, Mr. Joseph D. Male President, Canada Permanent Building Society 1884 74 General break-up
Cox, Mr. Edward W. Male President, Canada Life Assurance Co. 1914 50 Cancer
Coulson, Mr. Duncan Male President, Bank of Toronto 1916 77 Paralysis
Chewett, Mr. J. G. Male President, Bank of Toronto 1862 69 Bursting of blood-vessel
Turnbull, Mr. Harry C. Male President of the Turnbull Elevator Co. Ltd. 1945 67 Heart attack
Torrance, Mr. David Male President of the Bank of Montreal 1876
White, Mr. Jack Laird Male President of textile company Dorothy H. White 1961 49
Walker, Mr. J. Leonard Male President of Bank of Montreal Helen Walker 1973 63
Wilkie, Mr. David R. Male President and general manager of Imperial Bank 1914 67 Apoplexy
Stevenson, Rev. William Male Presbyterian, formerly Methodist minister 1889 60 Paralysis
Carson, Rev. W. W. Male Presbyterian, formerly Methodist minister 1896 51 Typhoid
Read, Rev. William Male Presbyterian Minister 1896 79
McDonnell, Rev. D. J. Male Presbyterian Minister 1896 53 Consumption
Wallace, Rev. Robert Male Presbyterian Minister 1899 78 Heart failure
Maclaren, Rev. W. Male Presbyterian 1909 81
Gregg, Rev. William Male Presbyterian 1909 91 Pneumonia
Dobson, Mr. James Male Postmaster, Yorkville 1894 84
Porteous, Mr. William Male Postmaster of Montreal 1855
Rogers, Mr. W. B. Male Postmaster 1918 65 Heart disease
Patterson, Mr. Thomas C. Male Postmaster 1907 70 Pneumonia
Sanderson, Rev. George Rivers Male Postmaster
Hewitt, Mr. William Male Postage stamp agent 1905 83 Heart failure
Spry, Mr. Daniel Male Post Office Inspector 1897 61 Bright's disease
Jackson, Mr. H. Male Post Office Dept. 1875 69 Congestion of lungs
Jarvis, Mr. Charles F. Male Post Office Department 1871 37
Riddell, Mr. James A. D. Male Post Office Clerk 1887 23 Bursting of blood vessel