Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Della Scala, Mrs. Irene Female Mastino Della Scala
Armstrong, Mr. William A. Male 1948
Niddrie, Mr. Frederick James Male 1958
Perrault, Mr. Joseph Edouard Male 1948
Gagnier, Mr. Alfred Male 1968
Kilinger, Mr. C. J. Male 1962
Roberts, Mr. William B. Male 1955
Young, Mr. Lloyd W. Male 1947
Gibson, Col. Goodwin Male 1954
Locke, Dr. George Herbert Male 1937
Ronan, Mr. J. E. Male 1962
Bell, Mr. Kenneth C. Male 1956
Skinner, Miss. May Hurd Female 1954
McCabe, Mr. Thomas E. Male 1946
Macdonnell, Mrs. Agnes Ewart Female Norman S. Macdonnell 1947
Caven, Dr. William Proudfoot Male 1943
Millar, Mr. James Male Educationalist 1908
MacNames, Mr. Nelson L. Male 1956
Sparrow, Mrs. Muriel Female Eugene E. Sparrow
Craig, Mr. Marvin L. Male 1957
Mitchell, Lord Burnham Male 1959
Clarkson, Mr. Richard Male 1959
Imesan, Mr. William John Male 1965
Montgomery, Mr. Henry Male Curator of University Museum prior to 1912. 1919
Cochrane, Mr. Wilbur Carlisle Male 1971
Stone, Mr. Joel Male 1833
Hoe, Mr. Edgar Male 1944
Symes, Mr. Henry Richard Male 1806
Armstrong, Dr. George Herbert Male 1956
Wade, Mr. Francis William Male 1946
Williams, Miss. Molly Female 1967
Wallace, Mrs. Florence Anna Female Joseph William Wallace 1946
Dionne, Emilie Female 1954
England, Mr. Charles Male 1956
Kennedy, Mr. John Male 1957
Phillips, Mrs. Emily M. Female T. P. Phillips 1952
Keys, Florence Valentine Female 1951
Legge, Mr. Charles Franklin Male 1948
Lewis, Mr. John Bower Male 1874
Weston, Mr. John Male 1952
Yorston, Mr. Alfred James Male 1944
Livingston, Mr. John Male
Bearder, R. Gwendoline Female 1962
Rogers, Mrs. Mary Ella Female Albert S. Rogers 1946
Marling, Mr. Samuel Arthur Male Educationalist 1882
MacDonald, Mr. Thomas Albert Male 1947
Milner, Effie McVicar Female 1954
Sharpe, Mr. John Franklin Male 1958
McKay, Mr. Mark Harold Male 1958
Cunningham, Mr. Frank H. Male 1954