Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Kelly, Mr. Samuel Male 1946
Bateson, Mrs. Mary Female William H. Bateson 1956
Powell, Mr. Grant Male Clerk of the Legislative Council, and Judge of the Home District Court 1838
Mansfield, Alice Erwin Female 1947
Globensky, Mr. Charles Augustus Maximilien Male Author 1906
Lumsden, Dianne Female 1968
Gordon, Mr. James Male
Buell, Mr. William Male
Richards, Dr. Gordon E. Male 1949
Small, Miss. Florence Female 1953
McCartney, Mrs. Saddie Female James Henry McCartney 1944
Scott, Mr. Gordon A. Male 1957
Setterington, Mrs. Female Harvey B. Setterington 1957
Aird, Mrs. Catherine Female William Aird 1851
McInnes, Mr. J. Campbell Male 1945
Steele, Mrs. Irene Wilson Female R. Clarke Steele 1954
Clendenan, Mae Female 1954
Alma, Mr. Edward Jamieson Male 1854
D'olier, Rev. R. H. Male 1839
Strachan, Mrs. Diamond Loretta Female Ian T. Strachan 1946
Davidson, Helen Joyce Female 1946
Avann, Mr. Cliff Male 1965
Johnston, Mrs. Florence Agnes Female Hudson Johnston 1962
Bickle, Mrs. Lois W. Female Harry Bickle 1952
Pashler, Mr. Charles Frederick Male 1959
Ecclestone, Mr. Wilfred Marlow Male 1955
Baker, Mr. Charles R. Male 1955
Judd, Fannie Eunice Female 1956
Neilson, Mr. James Roy Male 1947
Tew, Miss. Edith Female 1952
Barber, Mr. George W. Male 1946
Keith, Mr. Leslie Malcolm Male 1960
Boggs, Mrs. Charlotte M. Female Robert Henry Boggs 1955
Wilson, Mr. William Male Cashier, Bank of Montreal 1853
Wright, Mr. Alonzo Male 1894
Brenchley, Mr. Edgar Male 1975
Givins, Col. James Male Late Superintendent of Indian Affairs 1846
Rough, Miss. Susie Parker Female 1953
Smith, Mrs. Sarah Jane Female 1946
Gunn, Miss. Jean Isabel Female 1941
Shearer, Mr. Harry Foster Male 1946
Crotty, Mr. T. Gordon Male 1956
McKenzie, Mr. Samuel Male
Mooney, Mr. George Male 1968
Stewart, Mr. Alexander Male 1842
Jackson, Mr. Roy C. Male 1958
Townsend, Mr. William J. L. Male 1956
Armstrong, M. Edythe Female 1948
Paget, Miss. Clara May Female 1944
Murphy, Mr. H. A.L. Male 1962