Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Deathsort descending Age at Death Cause of Death
Bethune, Mr. Norman : Norman Bethune [graduation photo, ca 1922]
King, Mr. William Lyon Mackenzie: William Lyon Mackenzie King [possibly at the age of two, ca 1876]
Carruthers, Mr. F. M.
Locating Obituaries
Bethune, Mr. Norman : Norman Bethune [Sick in Bed, a watercolour self-portrait, 1935]
Gough, Mr. John B.
Varley, Mr. Frederick Horsman: Frederick Horsman Varley [probably at the Vancouver School of Decorative & Applied Arts, ca 1927]
Jacobs, Mr. Henry
Jackson, Mr. Alexander Young: A.Y. Jackson [member of the "Group of Seven" (1919-1933) paints in his studio, 1944]
Gowan, Mr. Nassau C.
McFarlane, Dr. Lachlan
Alexander, Mr. Hugh
Inman, Mr. Kesterman J.
Bowes, Mr. John G.
McTavish, Mr. John George Male
Godwin, Mary Female
Rowand, Miss. Margaret Louisa Female
Fraser, Mr. Alexander Male
Westropp, Mr. Robert Giddings Male
Fraser, Mr. Simon Male
Rose, Mr. Hugh Alexander Male 77
Berczy, Miss. Charlotte de Maul Female
Westropp, Mr. Robert Giddings Male
Kopplin, Mr. George Arthur Male
Dooner, Mr. Alfred James Male
Van Vliet, Mr. W. D. Male 39
Gordon, Mr. James Male
DeGrassi, Mr. Alexander William James Male
McMillan, Mr. A L Male
Gillespie, Sir Robert Male
Fraser, Mr. Alexander Male
Robertson, Dr. Wilfred H. Male 65
McNaughton, Violet Female 88
DeGrassi, Mr. Philip Male
MacLean, Mr. J. E. Male
Crooks, Mr. William Male Formerly M. P. P.,
Moffatt, Mr. John Ogilvy Male
Stenson, Mr. John H. Male
Kaftel, Mr. Frank Male 66
Finlay, Miss. Elizabeth Female
Fraser, Mr. Alexander Male
Buell, Mr. William Male
Bannerman, Mr. James Male
Murphy, Judge Emily Female
Clousten, Mr. Robert Male
Moffatt, Mr. Kenneth McKenzie Male
Watson, Dr. Male
Tow, Brig. Donald K. Male 60