Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname)sort ascending Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Woolfenden, Mr. John Male TTC employee Selina Woolfenden 1956 69
Woodward, Mr. William Culham Male Businessman and former lieutenant governor of British Columbia Woodward 1957 71
Woodsworth, Mrs. Female Harold Frederick Woodsworth 1956 73
Woodsworth, Mrs. Lucy Female James S. Woodsworth 1976 102
Woodsworth, Mr. James S. Male Leader of the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation party Lucy Woodsworth 1942 67
Woodside, Dr. Moffatt St. Andrew Male Vice-president of the University of Toronto Eleanor Woodside 1970 64
Woodside, Rev. John W. Male Church minister Lulu Marion Woodside 1957 75
Woods, Mr. William M. Male Nellie Woods 1956
Woods, Mrs. Ann Female James Woods 1946 100
Woods, Sir James Male Businessman Euphemia Woods 1941 85
Woodruff, Mr. Walter Russell Male Manager Charlotte Woodruff 1950 53 Heart attack
Woodruff, Mr. Walter Russell Male Manager Charlotte Woodruff 1950 53 Heart attack
Woodrow, Senator Allan Lee Male Senator Bessie Woodrow 1966 79
Woodman, Mr. John Male Architect Sophia Woodman 1944 84
Woodley, Mr. Norman Male Bertha Woodley 1954 63 Heart attack
Woodley, Mrs. Janet Female Thomas Woodley 1888 69
Woodland, Mrs. Julia Female G. Woodland 1899 62
Woodhouse, Mr. Cuthbert Male Officer in the corporate trust department of the National Trust Co. Helen Woodhouse 1952
Wood, Mr. Thomas Henderson Male Bank director Helen Wood 1938 61
Wood, Mr. William Lloyd Male Chairman of W. Lloyd Wood Ltd. Carmen Wood 1962 72
Wood, Mrs. Agnes Euphemia Female Edward Rogers Wood 1950
Wood, Mrs. Annie Victoria Female Jeffrey Wood 1948 85
Wood, Mr. Elvin Morley Male Gertrude Aletta Wood 1957 75
Wood, Mrs. Caroline Matilda Female Enoch Wood 1888 78
Wood, Mrs. Mary Female George W. Wood 1956 70
Wood, Mr. Frank Herbert Male Retired high school principal Lillian Lynn Wood 1964 84 Heart failure
Wood, Mr. Frank P. Male Emma Wood 1955 72
Wolverton, Mrs. Frances Lucy Female Newton Wolverton 1947 87
Wolfe, Mrs. Elizabeth Female George T. Wolfe 1946
Aitken, Mrs. Catherine Female J. Manus Witken 1954 72
Withrow, Mrs. Joanna Female W. H. Withrow 1879 75 Paralysis
Withrow, Mrs. Mary Female John J. Withrow 1918 80 Acute Bright's disease
Withrow, Mrs. Sarah Ann Female W. H. Withrow 1901 55 Tumour
Wintermeyer, Mrs. Caroline Female Alfred C. Wintermeyer 1972 83
Wintermeyer, Mrs. Helen Female John L. Wintermeyer 1972 55
Wintemute, Mrs. Mary Female Herbert E. Wintemute 1955
Winspear, Mrs. Anne Jane Female W. W. Winspear 1956
Winnett, Mrs. Jessie Female H. J. Winnett 1919 66
Wingfield, Mrs. Elizabeth Female James Wingfield 1915 82
Winfield, Mrs. Enid Female John H. Winfield 1954 62
Winchester, Mrs. Euphemia J. Female A. B. Winchester 1954 87
Wilson, Mrs. Female Alfred G. Wilson 1967 83
Wilson, Mrs. Female C. H. Wilson 1957 79
Wilson, Mrs. Amalia Female Ralph L. Wilson 1957
Wilson, Mrs. Grace Female John Macnab Wilson 1946
Wilson, Mr. John Macnab Male Grace Cowan Wilson 1944
Wilson, Mrs. Mary Female John Wilson 1946
Wilson, Mrs. Mary McColl Female James G. Wilson 1954 100
Wills, Mrs. Ella Female Stephen Wills 1956 88
Wills, Mrs. Sarah Female A. Wills 1897 80 Complications