Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Laurier, Sir Wilfrid : Wilfrid Laurier [c 1882]
Gough, Mr. John B.
Leacock, Mr. Stephen : Stephen Leacock
Murphy, Judge Emily : Emily Murphy [Photograph from the Emily Ferguson Murphy fonds.]
Pearson, Mr. Lester Bowles: Lester B. Pearson [serving with the Canadian Army Medical Corps 1916]
Pitt, Mr. James
Gowan, Mr. Nassau C.
Murphy, Judge Emily : Emily Murphy [Statue by Barbara Patterson, Parliament Hill, Ottawa]
Pearson, Mr. Lester Bowles: Prime Minister of Canada Lester B. Pearson [in front of the France Pavilion at Expo 67]
Pearson, Mr. Lester Bowles: The Hon. Lester B. Pearson [1958]
Innis, Mr. Harold Adams: H.A. Innis [Associate Professor of Economic Geography, University of Toronto]
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Meighen, Mr. Arthur : Arthur Meighen [M.P. (Portage la Prairie), March 1912]
Storm, Mr. Thomas
Lytle, Mrs. Lizzie
Marston, Mrs.
Macdonald, Mrs. L. M.: Lucy Maud Montgomery [author of "Anne of Green Gables", ca 1920 –1930]
Mason, Mr. Arthur A. Male 1959
Rudolf, Dr. Robert Dawson Male 1941
Sinclair, Mr. Simon D. Male 1955
Fraser, Mr. Alexander Male 1842
Richardson, Mr. James Henry Male 1910
Harris, Mr. Robert Wilson Male 1946
McClennan, Dr. Andrew Wesley Male 1942
Smith, Mr. Robert Candlish Male 1950
Cornish, Mrs. Maud Female George A. Cornish 1950
McGahey, Dr. Robert James Male 1948
Backhouse, Lt.-Col. John Male 1827
Stephens, Mr. Norman Clark Male 1953
McLaughlin, Mr. Reginald St. Clair Male 1966
Moore, Rev. James Henry Male 1946
Barker, Rose Hannah Female 1944
Bateson, Mrs. Mary Female William H. Bateson 1956
Cardinal, Mr. James Male 1960
Dwight, Mrs. Lenora Female T. W. Dwight 1953
Chace, Ethlwyn B. Male 1958
Ellison, Rev. David Inglis Male 1946
Kelly, Mr. Samuel Male 1946
Burnham, Mr. Archibald Mowbray Male 1941
Chetwynd, Mr. William Ralph Talbot Male 1957
Clark, Mr. Basil Male 1971
Powell, Mr. Grant Male Clerk of the Legislative Council, and Judge of the Home District Court 1838
Cleary, Archbishop Male 1848
Mansfield, Alice Erwin Female 1947
Combs, Mr. Robert Henley Male 1941
Globensky, Mr. Charles Augustus Maximilien Male Author 1906
Lumsden, Dianne Female 1968
Gordon, Mr. James Male
Aird, Mrs. Catherine Female William Aird 1851