Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Deathsort descending Age at Death Cause of Death
Dale, Mr. William A. Male 41
Mackay, Mr. Robert Male Advocate
Scott, Rev. William Male Methodist Minister 81
Shortiss, Mr. Thomas Male Broker 85
Alban, Mr. Male
Drury, Mr. E. C. Male 90
Dunlop, Mrs. Beulah Female Frank M. Dunlop
Shaw, Mr. John Male
Heron, Mr. James Male
Fraser, Hon. John Male 91
Mackay, Mr. Robert Male
Tyrrell, Mr. Joseph Burr Male
Rowsell, Mr. Henry Male
Nelles, Mr. Henry Male
Cliff, Mr. Jack Cooper Male 52
Routley, Mr. Male
Ellice, Mr. Edward Male
Fraser, Mr. Joseph Male
Grant, Mr. James Male
Tory, Mr. John A. Male
Fraser, Isabella Victoria Female
Pennick, Mr. Harry Male 37
Thomson, Mr. Clive A. Male 78
Plaunt, Mr. Alan B. Male
Alline, Mr. Henry Male Clergyman and author. 1784
Kay, Mr. Alen Male 1786
Graham, Mr. Felix Male 1787
Kay, Mr. William Male 1787
Neilson, Mr. Samuel Male 1792 21
Collins, Hon. John Male 1795
Campbell, Mr. John Male 1795 64
Campeau, Mr. Etienne Male 1795
Arnold, Mr. Benedict Male 1801
McCutcheon, Mr. John Male Private gentleman 1803 64 Epoplexy
Chew, Mr. John Male Secretary to the Superintendent of Indians 1806
Symes, Mr. Henry Richard Male 1806
Aird, Mr. Robert Male 1806
Aird, Mr. Robert Male 1806
Scott, Mr. William Male Merchant 1807
Watson, Sir Brook Male Ex-M.P. 1807
Morrison, Mr. James Male 1807 72
Lees, Hon. John Male Store-keeper general for the Indian Department 1807
Grant, Mr. William Male 1810
Grant, Mr. Daniel Male Merchant 1811
Lilly, Mrs. Elizabeth Female John Lilly 1812 67 ?
Spencer, Mr. Hazelton Male 1813 56
Forsyth, Mrs. Female George Forsyth 1817
Frobisher, Lt. Joseph Male 1817 28
Sayer, Mr. John Male 1818 68
Cameron, Mr. Duncan Male 1818 96