Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Deathsort descending Age at Death Cause of Death
McLaughlin, Rev. Terence P. Male 67
Walking Buffalo, Chief Male 97
Welsh, Mr. David A. Male
Martin, Mrs. Mabel Female Charles F. Martin
Fraser, Mr. Simon Male
Wilson, Mrs. Harriet J. Female 93
Connor, Mr. Ralph Male
McGuigan, Miss. Gertrude Female
Bellamy, Patricia Female Librarian
Rykert, Mr. George Male
Fraser, Mr. Simon Male
Shepard, Mr. Alexander Muir Male
Simpson, Miss. Margaret Mackenzie Male 26
Fraser, Mr. Alexander Male
McCord Family,
Thomson, Prof. Robert Boyd Male
Scott, Rev. William Male Methodist Minister 81
Shortiss, Mr. Thomas Male Broker 85
Leapard, Mr. Tom A. Male 65
Boyd, Mr. Walter H. Male 82
Burgess, Mrs. Kate Female 80
Kettlewell, Margaret Beatrice Female
Tyrrell, Mr. Joseph Burr Male
Rowsell, Mr. Henry Male
Auldjo, Mr. Thomas Richardson Male Unknown
Shaw, Mr. John Male
Pennick, Mr. Harry Male 37
Thomson, Mr. Clive A. Male 78
Plaunt, Mr. Alan B. Male
Nelles, Mr. Henry Male
Routley, Mr. Male
Fraser, Mr. Alexander Male
Jordan, Mr. John Male Assistant surveyor of the customs 64
Tory, Mr. John A. Male
Gray, Mrs. Ruth Female V. Evan Gray 66
Purser, Mrs. Mona Female Harold M. Purser
Hallowell, Mr. William Male
White, Senator Richard S. Male
McIntosh, Mr. Duncan Male
Della Scala, Mrs. Irene Female Mastino Della Scala
Heron, Frances Female
Finlay, Miss. Elizabeth Female
Fraser, Mr. Alexander Male
Peak, Mr. Owen Male
Morice, Rev. Father Adrien Gabriel Male
White, Sir Thomas Male
Coates, Mr. William J. Male
Nelles, Mr. Robert Male
Sparrow, Mrs. Muriel Female Eugene E. Sparrow
Baldwin, Capt. Augustus Male