Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname)sort ascending Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Wallace, Mrs. Helen Female O. C.S. Wallace 1953
Walker, Mrs. Female Ernest W. Walker 1954 79
Walker, Mrs. Female Fred W. Walker 1880 33 Consumption
Walker, Mrs. Catherine Female John Walker 1887 63 Lung trouble and a fall
Walker, Mrs. Esther Hannah Female Charles Walker 1882 77
Walker, Mr. Graham Male Manager Elizabeth Walker 1974 69
Walker, Mr. Harold C. Male Lawyer and gallery head Kathleen Walker 1969 75
Walker, Mrs. Mary Female John G. Walker 1869 30 Inflammation of bowels.
Walker, Mrs. Mary A. Female R. Walker 1879 67 Jaundice and erysipelas
Walker, Mrs. Mary Ann Female Charles Walker 1866 38 Internal cancer
Walker, Mrs. Rahno Female Nurse Horatio Walker 1945
Walker, Mrs. Sarah Hannah Female Harry Walker 1952
Walker, Mr. Howard Leslie Male Food company executive Carolyn Walker 1954 69
Walker, Mr. J. Harold Male Realtor Joy Walker 1948 61
Walker, Mr. J. Leonard Male President of Bank of Montreal Helen Walker 1973 63
Walker, Mr. James Male Emily Simpson Walker 1954 77
Walker, Mr. John M. Male Engineer Jessica B. Walker 1960
Walker, Dr. Norma Female Edmund M. Walker 1968 75
Wakelam, Mrs. Hanna Female J. R.V. Wakelam 1958 73
Wakefield, Mrs. Leonora Martha Female W. Wakefield 1877 74
Wakefield, Mrs. Mary Female William Wakefield 1899 80
Vining, Dr. Andrew Joseph Male Agnes Lucinda Vining 1949 86
Vining, Mrs. Agnes Lucinda Female Andrew Joseph Vining 1952 82
Vickers, Mrs. Mary Female William Wallbridge Vickers 1947 82
Verner, Mr. John Male Tailor Mary A. Verner 1914 82
Vaughn, Mrs. Annie Female Alfred Vaughan 1960 86
Vaughan, Mrs. Female Walter Vaughan 1961 90
Vandervoort, Mr. Arthur Edway Male Businessman Hazel Vandervoot 1956 69
Vandervoort, Mrs. Hazel Female Office Manager Arthur Edway Vandervoort 1958
Van Nostrand, Mrs. Henrietta Female George J. Van Nostrand 1956 93
Van Koughnet, Mrs. Female Arthur H.S. Van Koughnet 1939
Van der Smissen, Mrs. Elizabeth Sarah Female W. H. Van der Smissen 1948 90
Van, Mr. Albert Male Photographer Louisa M. Van 1964 82
Vallance, Mr. Edward Victor Male Merchant May Elizabeth Vallance 1955 67
Valin, Judge Joseph Alphonse Male Judge Beatrice Valin 1947 89
Vale, Mr. Samuel W. Male Violin player Ruth Scott Vale 1965 100
Vale, Mr. William Lancaster Male Accountant Genevieve Vale 1957
Urquhart, Mrs. Jean Female R. W. Ian Urquhart 1971 66
Uren, Mrs. Oro Doris Female Blake Uren 1966 56
Upton, Mr. George Male Millwright Annie M. Upton 1946 90
Unhola, Mr. Eino Male Tailor and newspaper publisher Ida Unhola 1956 68
Unger, Mr. Heinz Male Conductor Hella Unger 1965 70 Heart attack
Underhill, Mr. Richard Male Boot and shoe maker Sarah Underhill 1946 87
Umphrey, Mr. E. Jefferson Male Ex-GM director Hilda Umphrey 1965 64
Uhrich, Dr. John M. Male Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan Catherine Uhrich 1951 74 Coronary thrombosis
Uffen, Mr. James Frederick Male Elsie Uffen 1958
Udd, Mr. John Clarence Male Hotel chain operator Grace Udd 1962 60
Tytler, Judge John Male Judge Jeannie Milne Tytler 1952 94
Tytler, Mr. Norman Dunbar Male Barrister Marilla Tytler 1947 57 Heart attack
Tyson, Capt. Jack Male Freighter captain Muriel Tyson 1952 52 Heart attack