Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname)sort ascending Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Wells, Mr. Arthur Male Georgina Wells
Wells, Mrs. Female Hubert Wells 1963 47
Weir, Rev. Frank Gordon Male Clergyman and author Rosetta Weir 1963
Webster, Mr. Robert A. Male Manager M. Alice Webster 1948 41
Webster, Mr. Robert A. Male Manager M. Alice Webster 1948 41
Webster, Mr. T. Elwood Male Emily C. Webster 1960
Webster, Mrs. Annie A. Female A. E. Webster 1955
Webber, Mrs. Florence Female George G. Webber 1947
Webber, Mrs. Sarah J. Female George Webber 1946 91
Webb, Mrs. Female Charles William Webb 1957 78
Webb, Mrs. Elizabeth Female Thomas Webb 1885 69
Weatherbee, Mrs. Female Albert E. Weatherbee 1956
Way, Mrs. Eliza Female Coleman Way 1946 81
Waugh, Mrs. Jane Female Sydney Waugh 1948
Waugh, Mrs. Mary Jane Female George Waugh 1946
Watt, Mrs. Female Alfred Watt 1948 80
Watt, Mrs. Alice M. Female Arthur James Watt 1953 74
Watson, Dr. W. A. C. Male Doctor Ethel Watson 1957
Watson, Mr. Robert E. Male Organizer of the Ontario Motor League Margaret E. Watson 1953 89
Watson, Mr. Stanley A. Male Former superintendent for the Ontario Department of Education Lucy Watson 1962 67
Watson, Mr. Sydney Blumer Male Manager Caroline Mabel Watson 1944 63
Watson, Mr. W. Harold Male Financier Aileen Watson 1956 62
Watson, Mr. Wilfrid J. Male Businessman Elsie Watson 1948 Stroke
Watson, Mr. William B. Male Banker Frances Gurney Watson 1943 42
Watson, Mrs. Female Noble J. Watson 1956
Watson, Rev. Thomas A. Male Lydia M. Carroll Watson 1942
Watson, Rev. William Scott Male Baptist minister Ines Watson 1961 76
Waters, Mrs. Female Herbert W. Waters 1958 74
Warrington, Mrs. Nora Olive Female Thomas H. Warrington 1954
Warren, Mrs. Edith Margaret Female Keith J. Warren 1956 30
Warren, Mrs. Lilliam Graham Female W. R. Warren 1897 43 Bright's disease
Warren, Mrs. Marion Male Lloyd Warren 1957 50
Warren, Mrs. Sarah Female Harry Dorman Warren 1952
Ward-Price, Mrs. Florence Female Walter Ward-Price 1960 89
Ward, Mrs. Female Jonathan F. Ward 1957 89
Ward, Mrs. Lillian Female Heber Ward 1966 70
Ward, Mrs. Lisle W. Female Edward J. Ward 1954 92
Ward, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Lindsay Female William John Ward 1952
Wanless, Mrs. Susan Female John Wanless 1901 74 Pneumonia
Walton-Ball, Mrs. Female W. H. Walton-Ball 1948
Walton, Mrs. Jane Eliza Female Benjamin Walton 1900 78
Walton, Mrs. Mary A. Female Henry Walton 1892 75 La grippe, pneumonia
Walton, Mrs. Mary Ann Female Benjamin Walton 1903 76
Walshe, Mrs. Mary B. Female John Walshe 1955 77
Walmsley, Mrs. Female L. C. Walmsley 1962
Wallis, Mrs. Female C. F. Wallis 1964 61
Wallace, Mrs. Bessie F. Female Robert J. Wallace 1957 81
Wallace, Mrs. Clara Isabelle Female W. W. Wallace 1960 90
Wallace, Mrs. Eillen Mae Female D. B. Wallace 1961
Wallace, Mrs. Florence Anna Female Joseph William Wallace 1946