Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname)sort descending Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Lee, Mrs. Emma Leaty Female Walter S. Lee 1910 72 Result of operation
Lee, Mrs. Louise Day Female W. D. Lee 1956 89
Lee, Mrs. Maria Female Joseph Lee 1897 87
Lee, Mrs. Mary Gertrude Female W. T.J. Lee 1955
Legate, Mrs. Sarah F. Female Hector H. Legate 1951
Legge, Mrs. Elizabeth Female John Legge 1891 72
Leggett, Mrs. Female George Leggett 1967 100
LeGrow, Mrs. Miriam Female A. C. LeGrow 1956
Leigh-Mallory, Mrs. Martha B. Female George E. Leigh-Mallory 1958
Leipciger, Mrs. Female Jack Leipciger 1963 55
leMay, Mrs. Florence Muriel Female Tracy D. leMay 1956
Lesslie, Mrs. Sara Elizabeth Female Joseph Lesslie 1883 63
Lett, Mrs. Female Lett 1855
Scholes, Mrs. Maude Louise Female John Lewis 1954
Lewis, Mrs. Mary A. Caroline Female J. I. Lewis 1899 68 General break-up
Lewis, Mrs. Mary Emma Female Teacher Richard Lewis 1910 83
Leys, Mrs. Annie Female John Leys 1912 70
Leys, Mrs. Helen Female John Leys 1890 62
Lilly, Mrs. Elizabeth Female John Lilly 1812 67 ?
Lindsay, Mrs. Carrie Female James M. Lindsay 1952 75
Lindsey, Mrs. Abigail Female James Lindsey 1954 95
Little, Mrs. Harriet C. Female O. J. S. Little 1952
Little, Mrs. Hattie Female Robert Little 1952
Livesay, Mrs. Florence Female J. F. B. Livesay 1953 78
Livingston, Mrs. Isabella Female James A. Livingston 1954 90
Lodge, Mrs. Emily Jane Female Louis C. M. Lodge 1954 69
Logan, Mrs. Nancy Female Hart Logan 1845
Long, Mrs. Mary Ethel Female Edwin G. Long 1953 61
Love, Mrs. Eva Burnside Female Harry H. Love 1946
Love, Mrs. Martha Female W. H. C. Love 1920 80
Lovell, Mrs. Gladys Maud Female R. J. Lovell
Luffman, Mrs. Bessie M. Female Harry L. Luffman 1955
Lugsdin, Mrs. Agnes Kathrina Female William Horace Lugsdin 1959
Luke, Mrs. Gertrude S. Female Herbert Luke 1956 81
Lye, Mrs. Alfreda M. Female John Gardiner Lye 1956 93
Lynd, Dr. Ida E. Female William Lynd 1943 86
Lynd, Mrs. Jessie Female Lynd 1916 55
Lyon, Mrs. Elizabeth Female Eugene Lyon 1946
Macallum, Mrs. Minnie Isabel Female Archibald Byron Macallum 1951 92
Macbeth, Mrs. Alice Female George Kenneth Macbeth 1955
MacBride, Mrs. Louise E. Female M. M. MacBride 1946 69
Macdonald, Mrs. Isabella Jane Female D. F. Macdonald 1947 90
Macdonald, Mrs. L. M. Female Ewan Macdonald 1942
MacDonald, Mrs. Mary J. Female Alfred J. MacDonald 1953
Macdonald, Mrs. Olivia Female Brian Macdonald 1959
Macdonald, Mrs. Theresa Kate Female D. Bruce Macdonald 1937
Macdonald, Mr. D. Bruce Male Theresa Kate Macdonald 1962 90
Macdonald, Mrs. Anna Female David Macdonald 1960 74
MacDonald, Mrs. Christina Elizabeth Female Neil S. MacDonald 1946
MacDonald, Mrs. Ethel G. Female William T. MacDonald 1954