Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupationsort descending Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Death
Coates, Mr. John Male Promoter and contractor 1914 67 Cancer in stomach
Jarvis, Mr. Edgar J. Male Promoter and speculator 1907 71 Paralysis
Robertson, Mr. John Ross Male Proprieter and editor of Evening Telegram 1918 76 Pneumonia
Thomson, Prof. Hugh C. Male Proprieter of Upper Canada Herald 1834 43
Dunlevy, Mr. C. Male Proprietor of "The Mirror" 1858 45
Bowell, Sir Mackenzie Male Proprietor of Belleville Intelligencer 1917 92 Bronchial pneumonia
Dick, Capt. Thomas Male Proprietor of the Queen's Hotel and ship captain 1874
Murray, Mr. John W. Male Provincial detective 1906 66 Apoplexy
Bridgeland, Mr. James W. Male Provincial Land Surveyor 1880 63 Stone in bladder
Passmore, Mr. Frederick F. Male Provincial Land Surveyor 1892 68 La grippe
James, Mr. Silas Male Provincial Land Surveyor 1915 81
Hawkins, Mr. William Male Provincial Land Surveyor 1868 68
Rankin, Mr. Charles Male Provincial Land Surveyor 1886 87
McCree (?), Mr. John Male Provincial Land Surveyor 1903 63 Pneumonia
Richardson, Mr. Marmaduke Male Provision merchant 1886 64 Heart disease
Dundas, Mr. Joseph R. Male Provision merchant 1896 60 Trouble with bladder
Thompson, Mr. Robert Male Provisions merchant 1904 69
Tyrrell, Mr. Thomas Andrew Carey Male Public servant 1964 57
Beatty, Mr. Samuel G. Male Publisher Annie Eastwood 1916 71
Desbarats, Mr. George E. Male Publisher 1893
Rose, Mr. George M. Male Publisher 1898 68
Sellars, Mr. Thomas Male Publisher 1867 39 Dropsy
Coates, Mr. Edwin J. Male Publisher Musical Times 1890 25 Killed by fall from a horse
Lay, Mr. R. W. Male Publisher of the Maple Leaf 1853 39
Boyle, Mr. Patrick Male Publisher, "Irish-Canadian" 1901 68 Heart failure
Townsend, Mr. Rueben Male Pumpmaker 1864 54 Suicide
Beaty, Mr. James Male Q.C., ex-Mayor 1899 67 Complication
Harkness, Mr. J. Male Quartermaster 1857 Killed in railroad accident at Hamilton
Bethune, Mr. Donald Male Queen's Counsel, formerly steamboat proprietor 1869 66
Derbishire, Mr. Stewart Male Queen's Printer 1863 66
Walker, Mr. Robert Irwin Male R. Walker and Sons, Clothiers 1890 50 Kidney disease
Lawler, Father Edward B. Male R.C. priest 1905 87
Laidlaw, Mr. George Male Railway promoter 1889 68 Heart disease + congestion of lungs
Cockburn, Mr. Churchill H. Z. Male Rancher 1913 45 Killed by kick from a horse
Boulton, Mr. F. C. Melfort Male Real Estate 1919 68
Ritchie, Mr. James Male Real Estate 1891 42 Effects of drink
Reford, Mr. William Male Real estate agent 1895 66 Paralysis brain
Watson, Mr. William H. Male Realtor 1946 73
Walker, Mr. J. Harold Male Realtor Joy Walker 1948 61
Bettridge, Rev. W. Male Rector 1879 89
Nicholson, Canon Frederick Joseph Male Rector 1964 63
Tyrell, Canon James S. K. Male Rector 1964 59 Heart seizure
Leeming, Rev. William Male Rector of Chippewa 1863
Cooper, Rev. Henry Chalwell Male Rector of Christ Church, Mimico, and rural [?] dean 1877 71
Simpson, Venerable Archdeacon William Male Rector of St. John's Anglican Church, Blackstock. Margaret V. Simpson 1945 72
Sullivan, Bishop Edward Male Rector St. James' Cathedral 1899 66 Kidney trouble
Pearson, Rev. John Male Rector, Holy Trinity 1910 81 Paralysis
Darling, Rev. W. S. Male Rector, Holy Trinity Church 1886 68 Rheumatic fever
Lundy, Mr. Francis James Male Rector, St. Andrews' Church 1868
Cayley, Rev. J. D. Male Rector, St. George's Church 1911 74 Ptomaine poisoning