Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort ascending
Stark, Mr. John Male Broker 1912 76 Heart Disease
Booth, Mrs. Mary Female George Booth 1892 67 Heart disease
Fraser, Hon. C. F. Male Ex-Minister, Public Works, Ontario 1894 55 Heart disease
Cumberland, Mr. F. W. Male Managing Director, Northern Railway 1881 61 Heart disease
Sinclair, Mr. John Male Crockery merchant 1890 61 Heart disease
Wright, Mr. Thomas Male Steward, General Hospital 1896 67 Heart disease
Conger, Mr. P. D. Male General merchant 1885 49 Heart disease
David, Mr. Joseph Male Former druggist 1887 52 Heart disease
Black, Mr. Davidson Male Barrister 1886 41 Heart disease
Parnell, Mrs. Mary Female 1866 60 Heart disease
Philp, Mr. Richard Male Coffin-maker 1902 69 Heart disease
Stock, Mr. James Male Merchant 1871 53 Heart disease
Shanly, Mr. Francis Male Civil Engineer 1882 61 Heart disease
Burns, Dr. J. H. Male Physician 1897 52 Heart disease
Dawson, Lt.-Col. George D. Male Wine merchant 1897 58 Heart disease
Oliver, Mr. Stephen A. Male Flour and <ammoniun> merchant 1881 48 Heart disease
Topp, Rev. Alexander Male Pastor, Knox Church 1879 65 Heart disease
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth Female Richard Brown 1909 70 Heart disease
Terry, Mr. Edward Male Dealer in cements and plaster 1903 64 Heart disease
Nasmith, Mr. Mungo Male Ex-tax collector 1912 76 Heart disease
Warren, Rev. Lewis Male Methodist Minister 1882 70 Heart disease
Simpson, Mr. Robert Male Departmental Store 1897 63 Heart Disease
Dunlop, Mrs. Martha J. Female Straw worker and cleaner 1870 40 Heart disease
Johnson, Mr. Isaac Male Sweep 1868 50 Heart disease
Wilkie, Mrs. Charlotte Female T. J. Wilkie 1884 42 Heart disease
Treble, Dr. Charles E. Male Physician 1919 43 Heart disease
Moody, Mr. Dwight L. Male Evangelist 1899 62 Heart disease
Rogers, Mr. James H. Male Hatter 1903 75 Heart disease
Dowgard, Mr. William Male Cabman 1867 48 Heart disease
Gooch, Mr. R. W. Male Insurance agent 1906 76 Heart disease
McWilliams, Mr. W. G. Male Solicitor 1907 67 Heart disease
Tyner, Mr. Christopher Male Editor of Hamilton "Times" 1878 45 Heart disease
Bolster, Mr. Lancelot G. Male Superintendent Water Company 1871 50 Heart disease
Topping, Mr. Victor Male Civil engineer, flier and barrister. Agnes White 1937 41 Heart attack.
Merchant, Mr. Livingston Male 1976 72 Heart attack
World, Mr. Thomas A. E. Male Yachtsman 1947 85 Heart attack
Wright, Mr. Donald Draper Male Insurance agency head Merle Alice Wright 1955 57 Heart attack
Turnbull, Mr. Harry C. Male President of the Turnbull Elevator Co. Ltd. 1945 67 Heart attack
Woodley, Mr. Norman Male Bertha Woodley 1954 63 Heart attack
Tyrrell, Mr. Herbert Victor Male Vice-president and general manager of MacLean Publishing Co. Jean Young Tyrrell 1942 69 Heart attack
Porter, Mrs. Lena Harris Female George D. Porter 1957 83 Heart attack
Woollard, Mr. Maynard Male Assistant to NDP party leader Laura Woollard 1968 53 Heart Attack
Woodruff, Mr. Walter Russell Male Manager 1950 53 Heart attack
Woodruff, Mr. Walter Russell Male Manager Charlotte Woodruff 1950 53 Heart attack
Wray, Mr. Franklin James Male Yardmaster 1946 66 Heart attack
Wooller, Mr. Reginald Male Staff inspector of Toronto Police Marguerite Wooller 1963 55 Heart attack
Tyson, Capt. Jack Male Freighter captain Muriel Tyson 1952 52 Heart attack
Woodruff, Mr. Walter Russell Male Manager Charlotte Woodruff 1950 53 Heart attack
Wood, Mr. F. Boyd Male High school music director 1965 53 Heart attack
Tytler, Mr. Norman Dunbar Male Barrister Marilla Tytler 1947 57 Heart attack