Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
Smith, Mr. John J. Male Retired tavern-keeper 1877 72 Softening of brain
Allen, Mr. D. H. Male Solicitor 1892 49 Softening of brain
Badgerow, Mr. G. W. Male Ex-Co. Attorney 1892 51 Softening of brain
Hill, Mr. F. J. Male Ex-Manager, Exhibition 1905 57 Softening of brain
Beaty, Mr. Robert Male Ex-Broker and banker 1901 76 Softening of brain
Brown, Mr. John Gordon Male Registrar, Surrogate Court, York; ex-editor "Globe" 1896 68 Softening of brain
Higginbotham, Mr. William Male Late wharfinger 1877 62 Softening of brain
McGee, Mr. John Male Founder 1867 46 Softening of brain
Graham, Mr. Henry Male Formerly carpet warehouse 1883 73 Softening of brain, etc.
Hodgson, Mr. Robert Male Formerly blacksmith 1880 66 Softening of brain, paralysis
Cline, Mr. George Male Leather dealer, etc. 1873 70 Softening of brain, paralysis
Tooker, Mr. Harry Male Cutler and jeweller. 1887 62 Softening of brain.
Wharin, Mr. William Male Formerly Messenger Ordinance Department 1887 86 Softening of the brain
Piper, Mr. Hiram Male Tinsmith Charlotte Piper 1866 60 Softening of the brain
Sterling, Mr. John Male Leather dealer 1873 70 Softening of the brain
Leak, Mrs. Mary Female 1872 71 Some kind of fit
Roaf, Rev. John Male Congregational minister 1862 61 Spasmodic asthma
Williams, Mr. Henry B. Male Undertaker 1864 50 Spinal affection
Parkinson, Mr. Male Clerk 1875 22 Spinal affection
Miller, Eliza Jane Female 1888 52 Spinal complaint, Cancer
Yeats, Mr. Richard Male Collector 1861 46 Spinal disease, asthma, etc.
Tonkin, Mrs. Isabella Female 1878 27 spinal meningitis
DeGrassi, Dr. George P. Male Doctor 1881 39 Spinal meningitis
Pearson, Mr. Frederick T. Male 1894 59 Spinal meningitis
Stinson, Mr. G. H. Male Land agent 1900 46 Spleen
Maddison, Mr. Charles S. Male Insurance agent 1895 42 Stomach affection
Freeland, Mr. John Male Tallow chandler 1861 70 Stomach complaint
Palmer, Mr. John Parnell Male Agent, Miller & Richard Type Foundry 1885 67 Stomach operation
King, Mr. John D. Male Wholesale boot and shoe manufacturer 1902 74 Stomach trouble
Flock, Mr. John R. Male Coroner 1899 67 Stomach trouble
Bain, Mr. Thomas R. Male Tinsmith and stoves 1902 59 Stomach trouble
Winchester, Mr. John Male Co. Court Judge 1919 69 Stomach trouble and over work
Moffatt, Rev. Robert C. Male Secretary, Upper Canada Tract Society 1905 73 Stomach trouble.
Miller, Mr. William Henry Male Grocer 1871 40 Stone
Kettles, Mr. Thomas Male Porter 1870 60 Stone in bladder
Edgar, Sir James D. Male Speaker, House of Commons 1899 57 Stone in bladder
Bridgeland, Mr. James W. Male Provincial Land Surveyor 1880 63 Stone in bladder
Sears, Mrs. Harriet Howard Female Robert Sears 1881 72 Stone in bladder
Canavan, Mr. John Male Solicitor 1906 72 Street railway accident
Hanlon, Mr. Edward Male Broker 1885 62 Stricture
Loeman, Mr. James Male Laundry 1886 75 Stricture
Eastwood, Mr. John Male Dry goods merchant 1891 78 Stricture of bladder
Underhill, Dr. Frank Hawkins Male Historian, political thinker, teacher, writer and educationist 1971 81 Stroke
Watson, Mr. Wilfrid J. Male Businessman Elsie Watson 1948 Stroke
Bobby, Mr. William Male Driver of bread wagon 1886 49 Struck dead by lightening
Hickman, Mr. William Male Barber 1863 Suddenly, cause not stated
Holmes, Mr. Charles E. Male Agent, Merchants Despatch 1897 48 Suicide
Rutherford, Mr. Andrew Male Manager of Canada Landed Invt. Co. 1899 49 Suicide
Breaden, Mr. Thomas Male Painter 1878 36 Suicide
Lawless, Mr. John C. Male Bookkeeper 1885 37 Suicide