Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
Pearson, Mr. Charles Male Estate agent 1916 67 Ptomaine poisoning
Cayley, Rev. J. D. Male Rector, St. George's Church 1911 74 Ptomaine poisoning
Ross, Mr. James Male Lamp inspector 1857 32 Railroad accident
Joseph, Mr. Frank Male Law clerk, Osgoode Hall 1895 57 Railway accident
Morphy, Mrs. Eliza Female 1863 27 Rapid consumption
Capreol, Miss. Fanny Female 1856 22 Rapid consumption
Bucham, Helen Jane Female 1893 23 Rapid consumption
Cropper, Mr. James Male Plumber 1888 79 Result of accident
Bennett, Mr. Joshua H. Male Assistant City Engineer 1878 69 Result of accident
Coffee, Mr. Lawrence Male Grocer 1892 71 Result of accident
Tushingham, Mr. George Male Carpentor 1888 76 Result of accident
Gerry, Mr. James Male Grocer 1896 80 Result of accident on Street railway
Parsons, Mrs. Susannah Female 1874 84 Result of an accident
Bertram, Mr. John Male Manufacturer 1904 67 Result of appendicitis
Smith, Mr. George Male Formerly sexton, Richmond Street Church 1889 68 Result of appoplexy
Flanagan, Mr. William Male Barrister 1867 37 Result of dissipation
Patrick, Mr. Alfred Male Ex-librarian, Library 1892 80 Result of fall
Brough, Mr. R. J. Male City Engineer 1883 36 Result of fall from carriage
McMurchy, Mr. Dugald J. Male Barrister 1891 28 Result of gun shot
Meager, Mrs. Mary Female Charwoman 1885 76 Result of injury
Cloke, Mr. Henry E. Male 1874 14 Result of injury to foot
Evans, Mr. George M. Male Barrister, ex-Alderman 1891 63 Result of La Grippe
Renwick, General W. J. Male Retired R. E. officer 1890 90 Result of La Grippe
Foster, Mr. James Reid Male Former hardware merchant 1891 50 Result of La Grippe, heart trouble
Suckling, Mrs. Mary Jane Female Suckling 1893 36 Result of miscarriage
Lee, Mrs. Emma Leaty Female Walter S. Lee 1910 72 Result of operation
Henderson, Mr. James Male Barrister 1911 72 Result of operation
Willmott, Dr. J. Branston Male President, Dental College 1915 78 Result of operation
Coleman, Mr. John Frederick Male Broker, etc. 1908 59 Result of operation
Reed, Mrs. Myra Female 1916 48 Result of operation
LaFlamme, Mr. Joe Male 1965 75 Result of operation
Kyle, Mr. Charles S Male Grocer 1908 59 Result of operation
Watson, Mr. George H. Male Barrister 1918 68 Result of operation
Thompson, Lady Annie Emma Female 1913 74 Result of operation
Janes, Mrs. S. R. Female S. H. Janes 1907 60 Result of operation
Suckling, Mr. James Male Auctioneer 1919 62 Result of operation for appendicitis
Pattullo, Mrs. Isabel Female Pattullo 1895 35 Result of operation in Toronto to remove tumour
Balwin, Mrs. Anne Female 1870 71 Result of paralysis
Wiman, Mr. Erastus Male Mercantile Agency, Promoter 1904 70 Result of paralysis
Dowie, Rev. J. A. Male Elijah the Second 1907 59 Result of paralysis
Dixon, Mr. John Male Formerly in saddlery, hardware 1903 72 Result of railway accident
Evans, Mrs. Mary J. Female J. S. Evans 1889 55 Result of railway accident
Sorley, Mr. James Bruce Male Accountant 1887 60 Result of railway accident at Evanston, Illinois.
Newbigging, Mr. William Male 1876 58 Result of rhematism
Fuller, Rev. Thomas Brock Male Bishop of Niagara 1884 74 Result of running a nail in his hand
Armstrong, Mr. Thomas Male Customs officer 1905 90 Result of street railway accident
Thompson, Mr. Robert McDowell Male Lawyer 1905 39 Result of Street Railway accident.
Milloy, Mr. Duncan Male Captain of Steamer, "City of Toronto" 1871 46 Results of dissipation
Chipman, Mr. R. J. U. Male Manager, Colonial Trusts Corp. 1877 48 Results of dissipation
Daly, Mr. Charles Male City clerk 1864 56 Results of dissipation