Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
MacMurchy, Mr. Archibald Male High school teacher 1912 80 Killed by trolley car
Patton, Mr. William Male Retired grocer 1893 65 Killed by trolley car
Brown, Mr. George Male Builder 1872 46 Killed in a drunken brawl at Riddell's
McDonald, Mr. Malcolm D. Male Clerk Consumer's Gas Company 1915 28 Killed in action at Ypres
Simpson, Mr. Colin Male Clerk 1916 21 Killed in action in France.
Harkness, Mr. J. Male Quartermaster 1857 Killed in railroad accident at Hamilton
Gowan, Mr. Nassau C. Male Formerly New Connection Minister, lately political character 1865 37 Killed in railway accident at Berlin
Pipon, Mr. C. A. Male Agent, White Star Line 1906 52 Killed in railway accident at Salisbury, Engalnd.
Bryer, Catherine Female School teacher 1857 Killed New York Central R. R., near Syracuse
Kinghorn, Mr. D. W. Male Plumber 1894 44 Killed on railroad
Brown, Mr. Robert Charles Male 1891 18 Killed when thrown from a sulkey [sic]
Brett, Mr. James Male Clerk 1867 39 Killed while jumping on C.N. cars at Malton
Clark, Mr. Thomas Male Confectioner 1901 58 Killed, run over by dray
Howson, Mr. Joseph Male Doctor, Insurance agent 1873 37 Killed, thrown from buggy
O'Hern, Mr. John Male Tavern-keeper 1860 35 Killed, thrown from buggy
Heward, Mr. John O. Male Formerly broker 1890 69 La Grippe
Robinson, Mrs. Female John Beverly Robinson 1892 68 La Grippe
Howard, Mr. John G. Male Formerly architect 1890 86 La Grippe
McCarthy, Mr. Timothy Male Landing waiter 1890 74 La grippe
Pearson, Mr. Marmaduke Male Ex-Dry goods 1897 82 La Grippe
Gillespie, Mr. George E. Male Former alderman 1891 55 La Grippe
Cawthra, Mr. Joseph Male Retired merchant 1892 70 La Grippe
Beswick, Mr. James Male Assessor, former grocer 1890 67 La Grippe
Tollfree, Mrs. Mary A. Female 1890 81 La grippe
Passmore, Mr. Frederick F. Male Provincial Land Surveyor 1892 68 La grippe
Hunter, Mr. Robert Male Fireman 1897 75 La Grippe
McCausland, Laura May Female 1890 20 La grippe
Vickers, Mr. John J. Male Ex-Express proprietor 1896 77 La grippe (paralysed)
McKenzie, Mr. Walter Male Clerk, County Court 1890 77 La grippe, bronchitis
Crowther, Mrs. Amelia Female James Crowther 1894 70 La Grippe, heart disease
Walton, Mrs. Mary A. Female Henry Walton 1892 75 La grippe, pneumonia
Lawson, Mr. John G. Male Grocer and organist 1918 73 Lingering illness
Woodhouse, Mrs. J. Female 1859 56 Lingering illness
Bastedo, Mr. John Male Hatter and furrier 1911 66 Lingering paralysis
Austin, Mr. James Male President, Gas Co. 1897 83 Liver and kidney complaint
Cosby, Col. A. M. Male Manager, Loan Co. 1900 60 Liver complaint
Finch, Mrs. Female 1883 58 Liver complaint
Rogers, Mr. Charles R. Male Hatter 1879 56 Liver complaint
McCollum, Dr. J. H. Male Doctor 1888 46 Liver complaint
Harrison, Mrs. Ann Maria Female 1896 54 Liver complaint
McFarren, Mr. Andrew Male Flour and Feed 1898 69 Liver complaint
Harding, Mr. S. W. Male Book-keeper 1854 32 Liver complaint
Woodland, Mr. Charles R. Male Janitor [?], Public Schools 1900 67 Liver complaint
Brown, Mrs. Female Thomas Brown 1863 61 Liver complaint
Blight, Mr. William Male Insurance inspector 1891 76 Liver complaint
Pudsey, Mr. Amos Male Tailor 1859 53 Liver complaint
Thompson, Mr. Samuel H. Male Tavern-keeper 1864 51 Liver complaint.
Bain, Mr. James Male Ex-bookseller and librarian 1908 65 Liver disease
Cline, Mr. George Male Machinist 1902 65 Locomotor ataxia
Meredith, Mr. Arthur Male Hardware merchant 1904 51 Locomotor ataxia