Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
Tyrell, Canon James S. K. Male Rector 1964 59 Heart seizure
Gurney, Mr. William Cromwell Male General Manager, Gurney Foundry Co. 1919 45 Heart trouble
Gurney, Mrs. Mary Frances Female Edward Gurney 1919 71 Heart trouble
Gooderham, Mrs. Female 1907 74 Heart trouble
Shutt, Mr. W. D. Male Accountant, City Board of Works 1890 69 Heart trouble
Muir, Mr. Alex Male Teacher 1906 71 Heart trouble
Cameron, Mr. John Duncan Male Ex-Contractor 1917 77 Heart trouble, bronchitis and paralysis
Brock, Mr. William R. Male Wholesale dry goods 1917 81 Heart trouble?
Coates, Mr. J. D. Male 1857 25 Hemorage [sic] lungs
Skinner, Mr. Alexander Mortimer Smith Male Dry goods clerk 1881 21 Hemorrhage of lungs
Wood, Mr. Thomas R. Male Insurance agent and capitalist 1905 65 Hemorrhage of lungs
Boomer, Mr. James Male Insurance agent 1904 56 Hemorrhage of stomach
Dunbar, Mr. Richard Male Grocer 1890 60 Hemorrhage, result of Grippe
Ure, Hon. David Alton Male Alberta's Minister of Agriculture 1953 43 Highway crash
Marshall, Mr. Susie Female 1873 12 Hip joint disease
Lafortune, Mr. Alex Male 1965 65 House fire
Lafortune, Mrs. Maria Female Alex Lafortune 1965 79 House fire
Wren, Mr. Albert Male Politician 1961 45 Infectious hepatitis
Crookshank, Hon. George Male 1859 86 Infirmity, old age
Murray, Mrs. Female W. A. Murray 1887 65 Inflammation
Mason, Mrs. Female J. Herbert Mason 1871 34 Inflammation after confinement
MacDonald, Hon. John Male Senator, wholesale dry goods 1890 66 Inflammation of bladder
Ferrett, Mr. W. H. Male Carpenter 1872 19 Inflammation of bowels
Gilmor, Mr. Robert Male Ex-Vestry clerk, St. James; dry goods merchant 1895 78 Inflammation of bowels
Taylor, Mr. John Male Soap manufacturer 1908 63 Inflammation of bowels
Smith, Mr. Norman Male 1887 16 Inflammation of bowels
Pearcey, Mr. William James Male 1863 14 Inflammation of bowels
Woodcock, Mr. Harry A. Male Clerk 1881 19 Inflammation of bowels
Graham, Sarah Female 1876 32 Inflammation of bowels
Wilson, Mr. John Male Attendant at hospital 1908 62 Inflammation of bowels
Box, Mrs. P. L. Female 1864 66 Inflammation of bowels
McMullen, Mr. J. H. Male Agent and accountant 1891 53 Inflammation of bowels
Gibson, Mr. William Male Saddler 1869 47 Inflammation of bowels
Cameron, Sir Matthew Crooks Male Chief Justice 1887 64 Inflammation of bowels
Irish, Mr. Mark H. Male Ex-Manager, American Express Company; proprietor Rossin House [Hotel] 1894 57 Inflammation of bowels
Williamson, Mr. Alexander Erskine Male Civil Engineer 1870 29 Inflammation of bowels
Grand, Mr. James Male Livery stable-keeper 1877 53 Inflammation of bowels
Meagher, Mr. Charles Male Clerk 1877 25 Inflammation of bowels
Robertson, Mrs. Maria L. Female J. Ross Robertson 1886 40 Inflammation of bowels
Berkinshaw, Mrs. Catherine Female John Berkinshaw 1892 64 Inflammation of bowels
Walker, Mrs. Mary Female John G. Walker 1869 30 Inflammation of bowels.
Otway, Capt. R. Male 1855 68 Inflammation of brain
Stevens, Mr. Henry Male Superintendent of Street Mains, Gas Company 1876 28 Inflammation of brain
Walton, Mr. Benjamin Male Retired contractor 1885 65 Inflammation of heart.
Worts, Mr. James Gooderham Male Secretary 1884 31 Inflammation of kidneys
Moore, Mr. Fred H. Male Coal merchant 1887 33 Inflammation of kidneys
Ridout, Mr. Thomas G. Male Cashier, Bank of Upper Canada 1861 68 Inflammation of kidneys
Henwood, Mr. William Male Tavernkeeper 1867 40 Inflammation of lungs
Spencer, Mr. C. H. Male 1864 70 Inflammation of lungs
Harris, Mrs. Lucille C. Female J. D. Harris 1869 58 Inflammation of lungs