Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
Allan, Hon. G. W. Male Ex-President of Senate 1901 79 Heart failure
Hewitt, Mr. William Male Postage stamp agent 1905 83 Heart failure
Wood, Mr. Robert Alderson Male Druggist 1912 72 Heart failure
Scott, Rev. William Male Ex-Methodist Minister 1891 79 Heart failure
Back, Mr. William Male General Dry Goods 1917 74 Heart failure
Lobb, Mr. James Male Ex-Alderman 1900 68 Heart failure
Marling, Mr. Alexander Male Deputy Minister of Education 1890 58 Heart failure
Wickson, Mr. Samuel Male Formerly architect 1910 84 Heart failure
Morris, Mr. Harry Male Manager, Rosedale branch, Dominion Bank 1917 41 Heart failure
Thorburn, Dr. James Male Physician 1905 75 Heart failure
Gardner, Mrs. Susan Female Thomas Gardner 1905 73 Heart failure
Clarke, Mr. Henry E. Male M. P. P., Trunk Manufacturer 1892 63 Heart failure
Laurent, Rev. J. N. Male Vicar-General, St. Michael's Catholic Church 1890 68 Heart failure
O'Keefe, Mrs. Helen Charlotte Female Eugene O'Keefe 1899 64 Heart failure
Baines, Mr. C. C. Male Broker 1904 59 Heart failure
Gibbs, Mr. W. H. Male Ex-miller, Alderman 1902 79 Heart failure
Dedrickson, Mr. Charles E. Male Newspaper man 1900 51 Heart failure
Blake, Mrs. Rebecca Female S. H. Blake 1901 63 Heart failure
Ritchie, Mr. John Male Plumber 1896 76 Heart failure
Boddy, Rev. J. S. Male Former Rector, St. Peter's Church 1905 79 Heart failure
Steiner, Mr. Newman L. Male Ex-Alderman and marble cutter 1903 73 Heart failure
Paterson, Mr. James Male Formerly of Thomas May and Company, Fancy Goods 1913 74 Heart failure
Micklethwaite, Mrs. Female J. W. Micklethwaite 1906 54 Heart failure
Brown, Mrs. Harriet Elizabeth Female John Brown 1899 61 Heart failure
Griffith, Mr. Thomas Male Ex-Shoemaker 1890 78 Heart failure
Craig, Mr. Thomas Dixon Male Former leather merchant 1905 62 Heart failure
Dunstan, Mr. George Male Broker 1908 52 Heart failure
Allan, Mrs. Adelaide F. Female George Allan 1909 73 Heart failure
Wallace, Rev. Robert Male Presbyterian Minister 1899 78 Heart failure
Tilt, Mr. James Male Barrister 1889 59 Heart failure
Wood, Mr. Frank Herbert Male Retired high school principal Lillian Lynn Wood 1964 84 Heart failure
Boyle, Mr. Patrick Male Publisher, "Irish-Canadian" 1901 68 Heart failure
McCormack, Mr. Andrew Male Bricklayer 1905 74 Heart failure
Stone, Rev. S. G. Male Methodist Minister 1905 68 Heart failure
Defoe, Mr. Daniel M. Male Assessment Court 1910 75 Heart failure
Dick, Capt. John Male Master of Lake Steamer 1895 75 Heart failure
Dow, Mr. George F. Male Book peddler 1890 59 Heart failure
Burgess, Mr. Colin Male Formerly a famous leader of Negro minstrel shows 1905 65 Heart failure
Hodgins, Judge Thomas Male Judge 1910 81 Heart failure
Hughes, Mr. Patrick Male Ex-Dry goods 1899 70 Heart failure
Cockburn, Mr. A. R. Male Steamboat owner, etc. 1905 68 Heart failure
Hughes, Mr. B. B. Male Ex-Wholesale dry goods 1899 60 Heart failure after Grippe
McGee, Mr. James Male President, Union Loan Company 1893 72 Heart failure after La grippe
Ball, Dr. Jerrold Male Physician 1913 67 Heart failure after operation
Maybee, Judge J. R. Male Chairman Ry. Cons. 1912 53 Heart failure following operation
Page, Mr. George Shepard Male Distiller of ammonia, etc. 1892 52 Heart failure from La Grippe
Leworthy, Mr. William Male Gardener 1918 50 Heart failure under chloroforms
McDougall, Mr. Alfred Male Lawyer 1905 70 Heart failure, general break-up
Miller, Mr. Albert Augustus Male Hardware manager 1892 48 Heart failure, La grippe
Clapp, Dr. J. C. Male Physician 1890 60 Heart failure, result of La Grippe