Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
Alexander, Mr. James Male Messenger, Court of Chancery 1898 86 General decay
Robarts, Mrs. Henrietta Female J. P. Robarts 1884 72 General decay
Fisher, Mrs. Catherine Female 1912 89 General decay
Carless, Mr. James Male For many years Bible depositary 1870 80 General decay
Morphy, Mr. Edward Male 1862 72 General decay
Bloor, Mr. Joseph Male Formerly Brewer 1862 74 General decay
Brown, Mr. Thomas J. Male Bookbinder 1862 72 General decay
Foster, Mr. James Male Formerly shoemaker 1887 83 General decay
Leafy, Mrs. Emma Female 1884 80 General decay
Boultbee, Mr. William Male Civil Engineer 1902 70 Gout
Blake, Hon. W. H. Male Late Chancellor 1870 61 Gout
Graham, Mr. Edward R. Male Carpet warehouse 1885 46 Gout
Cawthra, Mr. Henry Male Capitalist 1904 74 Gout
Gillespie, Mr. Walter Male Manager, Building Loan Association 1896 Gout, etc.
Harrison, Hon. S. B. Male County judge 1867 65 Gout, heart disease
Mackenzie, Mr. William Lyon Male M.P.P., Editor, etc. 1861 66 Gradual decay of system
Lee, Mr. A. Burdett Male President, Rice, Lewis & Son 1907 45 Grippe
Taylor, Mr. Edward Male City Relief Officer 1910 82 Growth in the mouth
Pellatt, Mr. Henry Male Ex-Broker 1909 79 Had been paralysed
Brown, Miss. Annie Female 1891 21 Haemorrhage after inflammation of bowels.
Maxwell, Rev. W. J. Male Methodist Minister 1894 49 Haemorrhage bowels
Strange, Dr. F. W. Male Physician 1897 52 Haemorrhage of brain
Farrell, Mr. Patrick Male Lamplighter 1881 51 Haemorrhage of lump
Spencer, Mr. Theodore H. Male Barrister 1881 46 Haemorrhage of lungs
Bexey, Mr. Charles Male Late postmaster 1858 63 Hanged himself, drink, insane
Wilson, Mr. James Male Park commissioner 1911 65 Hardening of arteries
Burruss, Mr. Grayson Male Clerk, Canada Life Assurance 1916 49 Hardening of arteries
Pearson, Mr. Arthur Male Estate agent 1915 53 Hardening of arteries
Foy, Hon. James J. Male Barrister, ex. Attorney General of Province 1916 69 Hardening of arteries
Kemp, Mr. William A. Male Manufacturer 1919 53 Hardening of arteries
Rice, Mr. Omer F. Male Banker 1920 66 Hardening of arteries
Bourman, Mr. Arthur M. Male 1919 74 Hardening of arteries
Gooderham, Mrs. Ella Female W. G. Gooderham 1916 66 Hardening of arteries
Badenach, Mr. William Male Accountant 1897 58 Hardening of brain
Croft, Prof. H. H. Male Formerly Professor of Chemistry in University College 1883 63 Heart affection
Wright, Mayor George Clark Male Mayor of Kingston Ethel Wright 1956 71 Heart ailment
Graham, Mrs. M. Female Henry Graham 1878 72 Heart and kidney disease
Cook, Mr. Thomas J. Male Turkish baths 1902 56 Heart and liver trouble
Sterling, Mrs. Susannah Emms Female Walter Sterling 1908 56 Heart apoplexy
Merchant, Mr. Livingston Male 1976 72 Heart attack
World, Mr. Thomas A. E. Male Yachtsman 1947 85 Heart attack
Wright, Mr. Donald Draper Male Insurance agency head Merle Alice Wright 1955 57 Heart attack
Turnbull, Mr. Harry C. Male President of the Turnbull Elevator Co. Ltd. 1945 67 Heart attack
Woodley, Mr. Norman Male Bertha Woodley 1954 63 Heart attack
Tyrrell, Mr. Herbert Victor Male Vice-president and general manager of MacLean Publishing Co. Jean Young Tyrrell 1942 69 Heart attack
Porter, Mrs. Lena Harris Female George D. Porter 1957 83 Heart attack
Woollard, Mr. Maynard Male Assistant to NDP party leader Laura Woollard 1968 53 Heart Attack
Woodruff, Mr. Walter Russell Male Manager 1950 53 Heart attack
Woodruff, Mr. Walter Russell Male Manager Charlotte Woodruff 1950 53 Heart attack
Wray, Mr. Franklin James Male Yardmaster 1946 66 Heart attack