Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Death Cause of Deathsort descending
Storm, Mr. Thomas
Munro, Mr. Alexander M.
Grey Owl, : Archie Belaney [at the age of thirteen, 1901. He later became known as Grey Owl.]
Pearson, Mr. Lester Bowles: Lester B. Pearson [serving with the Canadian Army Medical Corps 1916]
Orr, Dr. J. O. Male Manager, Canadian National Exhibition 1917 56
Lewis, Mr. Rice
Grey Owl, : Grey Owl [(Archibald Belaney), 1937
Laurier, Sir Wilfrid : Sir Wilfrid Laurier with W.L. Mackenzie King [August 1912]
Inman, Mr. Kesterman J.
Pearson, Mr. Lester Bowles: Prime Minister of Canada Lester B. Pearson [in front of the France Pavilion at Expo 67]
Pitt, Mr. James
Murphy, Judge Emily : Emily Murphy [Photograph from the Emily Ferguson Murphy fonds.]
Grey Owl, : Grey Owl [(Archibald Stansfield Belaney), ca 1925 - 1935]
Laurier, Sir Wilfrid : Sir Wilfrid Laurier [1902, watercolour on ivory by Gerald Sinclair Hayward]
Pearson, Mr. Lester Bowles: The Hon. Lester B. Pearson [1958]
Murphy, Judge Emily : Emily Murphy [Statue by Barbara Patterson, Parliament Hill, Ottawa]
Dates of decease of those who were my friends, or with whom I was slightly acquainted (vol. 1 & 2) by William H. Pearson
Laurier, Sir Wilfrid : Sir Wilfrid Laurier [speaking in favour of George Parent, 20 September 1911]
Willoughby, Rev. W. R.
Laurier, Sir Wilfrid : Wilfrid Laurier [c 1882]
Brewer, Mr. George R.
Jarvis, Col. R. E. C.
Meighen, Mr. Arthur : Arthur Meighen [M.P. (Portage la Prairie), March 1912]
Leacock, Mr. Stephen : Stephen Leacock
Dionne, Emilie : Émilie Dionne [The Dionne Quintuplets, accompanied by Mrs Olive Dionne and Frère Gustave Sauvé, 1947.]
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Carr, Emily : Emily Carr [self-portrait, ca 1899]
Marston, Mrs.
Lytle, Mrs. Lizzie
Innis, Mr. Harold Adams Male 1952 58
Bethune, Mr. Norman : Norman Bethune [1928]
Bourassa, Mr. Henri : Henri Bourassa [Portrait of Henri Bourassa in July 1917 as it appeared on a mortuary card in 1952]
Innis, Mr. Harold Adams: H.A. Innis [Associate Professor of Economic Geography, University of Toronto]
Bethune, Mr. Norman : Norman Bethune [graduation photo, ca 1922]
Gough, Mr. John B.
Bethune, Mr. Norman : Norman Bethune [Sick in Bed, a watercolour self-portrait, 1935]
Alexander, Mr. Hugh
Fraser, Hon. Alexander Male 1853
Leeming, Mr. Jane Male 1955 89
Gowan, Mr. Nassau C.
Varley, Mr. Frederick Horsman: Frederick Horsman Varley [probably at the Vancouver School of Decorative & Applied Arts, ca 1927]
Macdonald, Mrs. L. M.: Lucy Maud Montgomery [author of "Anne of Green Gables", ca 1920 –1930]
Carruthers, Mr. F. M.
Macphail, Miss. Agnes : Agnes MacPhail [15 May 1934]
Bacon, Miss. Mary
Macphail, Miss. Agnes : Agnes MacPhail, M.P.
Morgan, Mr. Peter