Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Creise, Mr. Hebron G. Male 1954
Bunting, Mr. George E. Male 1947
Abraham, Mr. Robert Male 1854
Hallowell, Miss. M. Female
McLaren, Mr. Donald Chandler Male 1947
Stewart, Mrs. Female Douglas Stewart 1957
James, Mrs. M. F. Female 1962
Trenouth, Mr. Ron Male 1957
Strangways, Mrs. Ruby Mary Female B. R. Strangways 1952
Amos, Jessie Elizabeth Female 1958
Duguay, Mr. Romeo Male 1965
Papineau, Mr. L. J. Male 1946
Lang, Mr. Alexander Matheson Male 1948
Nelles, Mr. Robert Male
Thisdel, Mr. Louis-Joseph Male 1943
Noble, Mrs. Helen Margaret Female William O. Noble 1958
Peters, Mr. George W. Male 1953
Berthelot, Mr. Amable Male Author 1848
Rigg, Mr. J. Harry Male 1955
Barker, Mr. Edward John Male 1884
Leslie, Mr. Edward Male Bookseller and publisher 1828
Blaise, Mr. Eugene M. Male 1952
FitzGerald, Mr. John G. Male 1958
Rose, Mr. Fred W. Male 1947
Campbell, Jessie Gordon Female 1958
Bellopp, Hon. C. Male 1827
Hammer, Mr. Fred Male 1947
Slicer, Mr. Samuel Male Firm of (Ferguson?) & Slicer (Montreal?) 1842
Carter, Dorothy May Female 1966
Macfie, Mr. Archie William Male 1945
Copeland, Mr. Margaret Lavinia Male 1947
Carr, Emily : Emily Carr [self-portrait, ca 1899]
McFarlane, Dr. Lachlan
Dionne, Emilie : Émilie Dionne [The Dionne Quintuplets, accompanied by Mrs Olive Dionne and Frère Gustave Sauvé, 1947.]
Inman, Mr. Kesterman J.
Laurier, Sir Wilfrid : Sir Wilfrid Laurier with W.L. Mackenzie King [August 1912]
Carruthers, Mr. F. M.
Brewer, Mr. George R.
Lewis, Mr. Rice
Laurier, Sir Wilfrid : Sir Wilfrid Laurier [1902, watercolour on ivory by Gerald Sinclair Hayward]
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Laurier, Sir Wilfrid : Sir Wilfrid Laurier [speaking in favour of George Parent, 20 September 1911]
Munro, Mr. Alexander M.
Laurier, Sir Wilfrid : Wilfrid Laurier [c 1882]
Pierce, Mrs.
Jarvis, Col. R. E. C.
Fraser, Hon. Alexander Male 1853
Gough, Mr. John B.
Bethune, Mr. Norman : Norman Bethune [1928]