Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Guest, Emily J. Female 1936
Boyd, Mr. Albert Blain Male 1955
Thomson, Prof. Robert Boyd Male
Silberstein, Mr. Ludwik Male Physicist 1948
Stevenson, Mrs. Celestia Elizabeth Female George Stevenson 1949
Morgan, Mrs. Gertrude Female Henry Morgan 1960
Carroll, Kimberley Female 1965
Eagleson, Dr. Sam Male 1955
Voniffland, Dr. Male Physician 1876
Williams, Dr. John Edgar Male 1958
Wilson, Mr. David Male 1947
Alline, Mr. Henry Male Clergyman and author. 1784
Key, Mr. William R. Male 1953
Legate, Mrs. Sarah F. Female Hector H. Legate 1951
Oldfield, Mr. Frank Male 1956
Plumptre, Mrs. Adelaide Mary Female Henry Pemberton Plumptre 1948
Baker, Com. George Male 1853
Reilly, Mr. Leo M. Male 1955
Smith, Mr. Silas John Male 1970
Maclennan, Mrs. Elizabeth Female Maclennan 1903
Cox, Mrs. Female Hubert C. Cox 1957
Henry, Mrs. Lois Essa Female Hunter Henry 1960
Hutchison, Mr. F. L. Male 1952
Bowley, Mr. William Alexander Male 1945
Hagerman, Mr. James Talbot Male
McKay, Mr. James Male 1946
Thomson, Miss. Alice Female 1946
Cunningham, Dr. J. B. Male Doctor 1856 Consumption
Hutchison, Mr. Frederick W. Male 1953
Bowman, Louise Morey Female Poet 1944
Stephenson, Mr. Reginald O. Male 1947
Mortimer, Mr. Arthur B. Male 1956
Meakins, Mr. Charles James Male 1951
Denton, Mr. George C. Male 1943
Burdell, Mr. S. B. Male M. P. 1892
Pease, Mrs. Female O. C. Pease 1963
Kemp, Lady Albert Edward Female Albert Edward Kemp 1957
Clarke, Mr. Hugh Male 1847
Ritchie, Mr. Charles H. Male Barrister 1916
Lett, Mr. Ben Male 1858
Wrong, Prof. George MacKinnon Male 1948
Lippert, Mr. Frederick W. Male 1958
Publow, Mr. G. G. Male 1938
Rogers, Hon. N. M. Male 1939
White, Mrs. Margaret Veitch Female Melville P. White 1959
Gilkinson, Mrs. Female Thomas H. Gilkinson 1952
Longfellow, Mr. Eddie Male 1959
Raney, Mr. Justice William Edgar Male 1933
Wilkinson, Mr. Donald Male 1945
Bertram, Mr. George Murray Male 1953