Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Mackenzie, Miss. Norena Female 1959
Scholes, Mrs. Maude Louise Female John Lewis 1954
Hawkins, Mr. Hector William Male 1959
MacMurchy, Dr. Helen Female 1953
Carpmael, Mr. Charles H. Male Director of the Meteorological Service 1894
Searle, Mr. Frederick Harrington Male 1948
Durand, Mr. James Male Register of the Gen. district, and formerly M. P. P. 1833
Hern, Rev. Gordon Male 1950
Brandon, Mr. James Thomas Sanderson Male 1944
McLean, Mr. N. A. Male 1963
Brock, Mrs. Margaret Phoebe Female Eustace A. Brock 1948
Ellis, Miss. Etta M. C. Female 1946
Moshier, Mrs. Constance Marion Female David D. Moshier 1945
Clutterbuck, Dr. Herbert Ernest Male 1952
Farquharson, Mrs. Rica Female Robert A. Farquharson 1955
Newsome, Mrs. Lucy Female James Newsome 1946
Pendrith, Mrs. Bertha Elizabeth Female John G. Pendrith 1957
Thompson, Miss. Belle Female 1942
Warner, Mr. Wilfred Percival Male 1955
Deacon, Mrs. Anna Female Charles R. Deacon 1955
Plummer, Mrs. Mary Female 1955
Roaf, Mr. John Male 1870
Kingsmill, Mrs. Agnes E. Female John J. Kingsmill 1945
Woodward, Mr. Arthur Charles Male Former publisher 1946
Kingston, Archbishop George Frederick Male 1950
Westmacott, Mr. William Montague Male Insurance agent (formerly collector) 1879
Purdy, Mrs. Agnes Jessie Female J. H. Purdy 1946
Donnelly, Isobel Female 1955
Loucks, Mr. Thomas Francis Male 1965
Lyon, Major Robert Plummer Male 1944
Bird, Mr. James Male 1856
Bookless, Mr. John Male 1952
Somers, Mr. James W. Male 1948
Mollet, Mr. Clarence Walter Male 1946
Cordingley, Audrey Mary Female 1951
McLaughlin, Mrs. Lorrie Female 1971
Chisholm, Mr. Duncan Henry Male 1948
Hocken, Senator H. C. Male 1937
Epps, Mr. Elmer Ross Male 1946
Swayze, Mr. Isaac Male Formerly Member of Parliament
Gadsby, Mr. Henry Franklyn Male 1951
Jones, Mr. Arthur Lee Male 1965
Bull, Mrs. Female H. B. Bull 1855
Connor, Dora Female 1958
Fisher, Miss. Katharine Female 1958
King, Mr. William Lyon Mackenzie Male 1950
Letondal, Mr. Arthur Male 1956
Robertson, Mrs. Laura G. Female R. S. Robertson 1946
Ross, Com. J. K. L. Male 1951
MacDonald, Mr. Cameron Warwick Male 1960