Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Towle, Dr. Robert Elgin Male 1943
Hogan, Mr. Joseph J. Male 1957
Parr, Mr. John Robert Male 1946
Tabaret, Rev. Joseph-Henri Male 1886
Lake, Sir Richard Male 1950
Nicholson, Mr. George Kenneth Male 1950
Connor, Mr. Ralph Male
Thompson, Mr. George J. Male 1969
Waller, Mr. Sydney Gilbert Male 1946
O'Brien, Mr. Michael J. Male 1962
Oliver, Mrs. Hanna Female J. Ormsby Oliver 1953
Robbins, Mr. William D. Male 1952
English, Mrs. Mary Sophia Female E. Ernest English 1946
Robinson, Mr. Frederick William Male 1946
Fysh, Mr. Chester Lowe Male 1946
Pyette, Corporal William F. Male 1944
Browne, Mr. Lanfear Morrell Male 1945
Whyte, Mr. J. M. Male 1843
Lousbury, Mr. R. Ray Male 1956
Auldjo, Major General John Richardson Male 1879
Marsh, Archdeacon James Walker Male 1909
Buell, Mr. William Male
Fisher, Dr. Peter Male 1958
Massey, Mrs. Alice Female Vincent Massey 1950
Baker, Com. George Male 1853
Harcourt, Mrs. Kathleen Female Richard Harcourt 1956
Gilray, Mr. Stuart A. Male 1956
MacDonald, Mrs. Ethel G. Female William T. MacDonald 1954
Byrnes, Mr. Michael Patrick Male 1945
Smith, Mr. Adam F. Male 1961
Campbell, Lt.-Col. Harold M. Male 1955
Heighington, Mr. Angus Compston Male 1965
McGill, Rev. Robert Male Minister of St. Paul's Church 1856
Carter, Mr. Charles H. Male 1952
Shuttleworth, Mrs. Edith G. Female John Kenyon Shuttleworth 1954
Guay, Mrs. Female Edward Guay 1965
Coram, Dr. George Henry Male 1949
Hodgins, Mrs. Blanche Female Frank Egerton Hodgins 1953
Bickle, Mrs. Lois W. Female Harry Bickle 1952
Parker, Sir Henry Male 1877 Congestion of the lungs
Muter, Col. Robert Male Late R.C. Rifles 1874
Boggs, Mrs. Charlotte M. Female Robert Henry Boggs 1955
Crysler, Mr. Charles Blaker Male 1886
Kavanagh, Mr. James E. Male 1957
Wilson, Mr. Male 1854
Conant, Mr. Gordon D. Male 1953
Thomas, Rev. Amos J. Male 1947
Plees, Mr. A. F. Male 1855 Consumption
Roach, Mr. Guy R. Male
Brenchley, Mr. Edgar Male 1975