Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Wickson, Mr. Arthur Male 1913
Marshall, Mr. Clarence Male 1957
Reade, Mr. Robert C. Male 1956
Ross, Mrs. Arletta Jane Female James S. Ross 1955
Coleman, Lt. F. J. A. Male 1944
Foster, Mrs. Helen Nellie Female D. H. Foster 1945
Alexander, Mr. Harry J. Male 1948
McCoppin, Mr. Minnie Female William McCoppin 1955
Sparks, Mr. Ned Male 1957
Barker, Rev. George W. Male 1953
Menary, Mr. Lewis Male 1956
Briggs, Mr. Alfred William Male 1945
Nairn, Mrs. Kathleen Female 1958
Brown, Mr. Arthur Edward Male 1959
Beaudion, Mr. Denis Male 1965
Newton, Miss. May Logan Female Library staff at University of Toronto 1951
Brownlee, Mr. Thomas Stuart Male 1968
Kennedy, Mr. Alexander Macpherson Male 1953
Bull, Hon. Harcourt Burland Male 1881
Fellowes, Mr. Kenneth Cameron Male 1948
Robinson, Miss. Harriett Female 1945
Yeigh, Mrs. Kate Westlake Female 1906
Lively, Mr. Charlie Male 1954
Mahaffy, Judge Arthur A. Male 1947
Whittaker, Dr. Mary Fanny Female 1952
Ross, Mr. Gerald Male 1957
McAfee, Mrs. Isobel Female Charles M. McAfee 1952
Richardson, Mr. Robert Samuel Male 1946
Aird, Mr. Robert Male 1806
Allyn, Dr. Jessie Male 1944
Heddle, Mr. Robert Male Clerk in Bank of Montreal 1860 Consumption
Stephenson, Mr. George E. E. Male 1946
Hockey, Mrs. Celia Sophia Female John E. Hockey 1946
Morse, Mrs. Francis Beatrix Female William Pitman Morse 1947
Duncan, Mr. H. Campbell Male 1949
Cameron, Rev. Carson J. Male 1945
Hull, Mr. Ralph Bulmer Male 1959
Elmsley, Hon. John Male
Ward, Mr. James Macdonald Male 1957
Cayley, Mrs. Agnes Female A. D. Cayley
Ritchie, Miss. Marjorie Augusta Female 1946
Gammell, Mr. Hugh Graham Male 1960
Welsh, Mr. David A. Male
Wrong, Margaret Christian Female 1948
Rogers, Dr. George Franklin Male 1946
White, Mrs. Elizabeth Fox Female James A. White 1953
Manton, Mr. James Nathan Male 1948
Randal, Robert Male 1834
Martin, Mrs. Mabel Female Charles F. Martin
Rowntree, Mr. Harold Lee Male 1956