Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort ascending Cause of Death
Pounder, Mrs. Susie Margaret Female R. I. Pounder 1958
Wright, Mr. William H. Male 1951
Lacroix, Mr. Fernand Male 1955
Ramsay, Mr. Kenneth William Male 1956
Rosebrugh, Rev. Thomas Reeve Male 1943
Macdonald, Miss. Eldred M. Female 1949
McCartney, Annie Louise Female 1945
Scott, Mr. George Male 1964
Miller, Mrs. Marie Louise Female A. E. Miller 1955
Thompson, Mr. Robert James Male 1946
Inwood, Major John Oldacres Male 1952
Clench, Mrs. Female Ralfe Clench 1850
Tindle, Mrs. Roxena Female George Tindle 1946
Coffman, Mr. W. Male 1965
D'Egville, Sir Howard Male 1965
McMaster, Mr. Donald A. Male 1942
Connable, Mr. Ralph Male 1939
Pamphylon, Evelyn Female 1956
Auldjo, Major General John Richardson Male 1879
Sutherland, Mr. Archibald McPhail Male 1948
Murray, Dr. Lawrence McCheyne Male 1946
Berezowsky, Mr. W. J. Male 1974
Vandervoort, Mrs. Hazel Female Office Manager Arthur Edway Vandervoort 1958
Joyce, Mr. Robert Simeon Male 1963
Pearse, Dr. Robin Male 1956
Banting, Mrs. Marion Wilson Female Frederick Banting 1944
Dickens, Mr. Francis Jeffray Male Sub-inspector of the R.N.W.M.P. 1886
Lauder, Mr. Abraham William Male M.P.P for East Grey 1884
Perry, Mr. Reuban Male 1951
Bartlett, Mrs. Rose Female Fred L. Bartlett 1944
Young, Mrs. Ethel Georgina Female William E. Young 1946
Fisken, Mr. Graeme Kearney Male 1957
Lockyer, Mr. Edward R. Male 1958
Maloney, Mrs. Female Larkin Maloney 1955
Roper, Dr. William F. Male 1958
Cameron, Mrs. Hilda M. Female Wallace B. Cameron 1954
Rothwell, Mr. George William Male 1944
Brown, Mr. Walter Theodore Male 1954
Carscallen, Mr. Henry Male 1955
Harkins, Mr. John Murphy Male 1946
Smith, Mr. Geoffrey L. Male 1959
Cawthra, Mrs. Ada Female H. Victor Cawthra 1947
McCrea, Miss. Anna R. Female 1952
Cherry, Mr. Percy G. Male 1954
McGregor, Mr. John Male 1857
Sheard, Mr. Paul Male 1942
Clayson, Hon. William Herbert Male 1958
Ingleby, Mrs. Edith Matilda Female George D. Ingleby 1945
Hess, Mr. John S. Male 1960
Moon, Mr. Clifford Graham Male 1957