Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Collins, Mr. James Upper Male 1948
Drummond, Lady Grace Julia Female George Drummond 1942
Parlow, Lt.-Col. Alan Edward Male 1955
Paul, Mr. John Arnold Male 1955
Williams, Mr. Arthur Woodhouse Male Company manager and director Florence Lowther Williams 1957
Kennedy, Mr. Peter C. Male 1949
Dottridge, Mr. George Male 1952
Keys, V. Isabelle Female 1953
Pogue, Rev. Robert Male 1938
Prescott, Major Thomas Hammill Male 1942
Firth, Mr. J. L. Male 1959
Livingstone, Mr. Harry E. Male 1948
Rogers, Mrs. Winifrede May Female Alfred S. Rogers 1955
Marny, Suzanne Female 1945
Bailey, Mr. William Male Barber 1861
Raymond, Mr. William Beardsley Male 1945
Reive, Mr. Walter Scott Male 1952
Rupert, Mrs. Mary Clarene Female 1958
Sirrs, Miss. Helen Female 1946
McColl, Dr. T. H. Male 1944
Charbonneau, Mr. Jean Male 1955
Green, Mrs. Marion Jean Female Howard Green 1953
Middlemiss, Muriel Male 1956
Hutchison, Prof. F. Lorne Male 1952
Hague, Mrs. Jemima Baldwin Female Dyson Hague 1942
Thomson, Mr. Hugh Male
Cunningham, Mr. Richard J. Male 1960
Duncan, Mr. Thomas R. Male 1953
Honeywell, Mr. H. M. Male 1955
Parker, Mr. Thomas Harold Male 1946
Sweetman, Dr. Leslie Male 1901 Blood poisoning
Vincent, Miss. Verda T. Female 1960
Thomas, Mr. N. J. Male 1962
Lawler, Mr. Daisy Male 1944
Winspear, Mrs. Anne Jane Female W. W. Winspear 1956
Kerr, Prof. Wilfred B. Male 1950
Ritter, Mr. Thomas L. Male 1855
Powers, Mr. E. J. Male 1955
Gillanders, Isobel Female 1955
Ross, Miss. Susan Archibald Female 1956
Wilkinson, Mr. Ronald H. Male 1948
Mascioli, Mr. Leo Male 1951
Carmichael, Col. Dougall Male 1945
Gordon, Mrs. Eileen A. Female D. Wilden Gordon 1952
May, Mrs. Minnie Mead Female 1957
Mack, Mr. William Charles Male 1955
Blakely, Mr. Herbert William Male 1958
Smith, Mr. Larratt William Male 1905
Blakely, Mr. John Frederick Male 1958
Chant, Mr. Christopher William Male 1959