Canadian Necrology


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Name Sex Occupation Spouse's Name (Sort by Surname) Year of Death Age at Deathsort descending Cause of Death
Pashler, Mr. Charles Frederick Male 1959
Church, Mr. Thomas Langton Male 1950
Neilson, Mr. James Roy Male 1947
Tew, Miss. Edith Female 1952
Clarke, Rev. Gerald C. Male 1947
Wilson, Mr. William Male Cashier, Bank of Montreal 1853
Jaffray, Mrs. Minnie Female Robert Alexander Jaffray 1946
Wright, Mr. Alonzo Male 1894
Cooke, Rev. Enoch B. Male 1946
Rough, Miss. Susie Parker Female 1953
Gallow, Mrs. Bertha Female Joseph O. Gallow 1945
Keith, Mr. George Male Late chief factor of Hudson's Bay Company 1859
Geddes, Mr. W. Roy Male 1954
Gilbert, Nora Female 1957
Smith, Mrs. Sarah Jane Female 1946
Callahan, Dr. Thomas Henry Male 1946
Gordon, Mr. Charles Harkness Male 1946
Shearer, Mr. Harry Foster Male 1946
Mooney, Mr. George Male 1968
McKenzie, Mr. Samuel Male
Stewart, Mr. Alexander Male 1842
Lowe, Mrs. Elsinore B. Female 1964
Townsend, Mr. William J. L. Male 1956
Paget, Miss. Clara May Female 1944
MacDougall, Mrs. Anna E. Female 1958
Murphy, Mr. H. A.L. Male 1962
Cross, Mrs. A. F. Female 1962
Taglialatela, Dr. Alfredo Male 1949
Payne, Lt.-Col. Liege Harry Clifford Male 1958
MacOdrum, Mr. C. G. Male 1954
Heming, Mrs. Margaret Female Charles Whitlaw Heming 1966
Fisher, Dr. Peter Male 1958
Davis, Mr. Robert W. Male 1956
Phipps, Miss. Beatrice Female 1958
Heslop, Mrs. Queenie A. Female Garnet W. Heslop 1946
Defries, Mr. Robert L. Male 1957
Young, Mr. George Sill Male 1956
Hogan, Mrs. Female John Sheridan Hogan 1868
Malcolm, Hon. James Male 1935
Dixon, Clara E. Female 1971
Rolph, Mr. Frank A. Male 1941
Johnston, Mr. Charles Male 1943
Russell, Mr. Harold James Male 1959
Keefer, Mrs. Female 1957
Aberdeen and Temair, Marquis of Male 1934
Gaudiche, Mrs. Female Thomas Gaudiche 1957
Smith, Mr. Arnold N. Male 1957
Lawson, Mrs. Grace Muriel Female Floyd Lawson 1952
Albrechtsen, Mr. Oluf Male 1955
Leigh-Mallory, Mrs. Martha B. Female George E. Leigh-Mallory 1958